Hell Hath No Fury Like an NBA Owner Scorned

July 9, 2010

Cleveland Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert has decided to reduce the price of all LeBron James “Fathead Posters” from $99.99 to exactly $17.41. Why? Because that’s the year noted traitor Benedict Arnold was born. (Petulance has never been so entertaining.)

Gilbert, who coincidentally owns Fathead.com, recently expressed some mild displeasure with James’ decision to leave his franchise by calling him “narcissistic,” “cowardly” and noting that “Some people think they should go to heaven but NOT have to die to get there.”

Is that a death threat?

At this point, most NBA pundits and high school guidance counselors expect Gilbert to begin spreading rumors about LeBron James over Facebook and write really mean things on his locker after biology class.

He's already tried banning him from Cleveland, but nobody was sure if that was a punishment or benefit.

Photo: Allsports.com