Lindsay Lohan May Be Going to Jail

June 8, 2010

Lindsay Lohan is in hot water. Apparently her alcohol monitoring bracelet, known as a SCRAM device, was triggered during an after party for the MTV Movie Awards on Sunday night.

Lindsay Lohan looked hot at the MTV Movie Awards, wearing long pants that subtly hid her court-appointed SCRAM bracelet. While the device may have been hidden, that didn’t mean the device wasn’t working. According to People magazine, the device was set off during the award show’s after party.

There are three possible ways the device could have been set off. Lindsay could have consumed alcohol, tried to remove the device, or someone spilt alcohol on it. This will likely be Lohan’s defense, however forensics expert Mike Hlastala says authorities will know whether she’s lying or not. He told People, “Just because a SCRAM is triggered doesn't necessarily mean the wearer was drinking alcohol. Alcohol accidentally spilled on the SCRAM could trigger it, but the device will know that it didn't come from the wearer's bloodstream. If the wearer tries to remove the device, that would cause an alarm as well.”

If Lohan is found to have tampered with the device or consumed alcohol she will have violated the conditions of her bail and will likely face jail time. Judge Marsha Revel, who is presiding over Lohan’s case, is likely to receive the SCRAM report soon and could call Lohan for an immediate bail revocation hearing.


Photo: Jeffrey Mayer/WireImage/Getty Images