'Deadlight' Makes Killing Zombies Pretty

August 3, 2012

If you're the type of guy that likes to prepare for the zombie apocalypse, then every video game staring the undead should be on your playlist… and even if you're not, there are still some pretty good games out there. Take, for example, Deadlight, this week's Summer of Arcade release for the Xbox 360 from developers Tequila Works – it's not you're average zombie game, and spending some time with it might help you stay alive when your best friends come looking for some BBRRRAAAAIIIINNNNNSSSSSSSSS.

Set in a post-zombie-apocalypse Seattle, former park ranger Randy Wayne has set out to find his wife and daughter who are supposedly at the "Safe Point" somewhere within the city. In order to find them, he will have to run, jump, push and pull his way through warehouses, sewers, sporting arenas and military bases using his wits, and a handful of weapons he finds along the way to combat the shadows that are trying to devour him.

Deadlight has a distinct (original) Prince of Persia feel to it, with Randy making more precise jumps than firing his shotgun. Along the way you'll meet some of Seattle finest survivors, including a man known only as The Rat. This mysterious underground dweller forces Randy through a twisted maze, and then asks him to save his son. The end game plays out against a group of survivors, known as The New Law, who have chosen to take matters into their own hands, kidnapping women and children, and killing anyone that opposes them.

All in all, it's a disturbing tale of desolation, fear, and lost hope. Tequila Works do an amazing job of creating a spooky environment, where virtually everything is a threat to Randy. Using the Unreal Engine to craft a gorgeous 2.5D world helps bring life to a world being overrun with the undead. If you're up for a little fright mixed in with your platforming, you'll likely want to take a trip to Seattle and try to stay alive in Deadlight.