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Ton and Allen Roll Out Their Latest Auction Hunter Fan Appraisals

by MHofstatter   May 20, 2011 at 11:30AM  |  Views: 5,954
We're almost halfway through the second season of Spike's hit original series Auction Hunters. Now we know you've been enjoying Ton and Allen's cross-country trips to Chicago and Miami, but don't get too ahead of yourself. Rest assured your favorite auction hunters still have a few surprises in store for the second half of the season. Bigger cities, bigger auctions, bigger adventures. To help get us there, we've been asking you, our fans, to submit items for appraisal by your trusty hosts. You sent them in, they appraised him! Check out the results below. All new episodes of Auction Hunters air Tuesdays at 10PM/9c.

mm3 trunk

Item: Antique Camel Back Trunk


Appraised by: Allen

My first teenage antique sale came from a dilapidated wooden steamer trunk that I picked up for $5 and after refurbishing it into a functional thing of beauty, I sold it for $195! Since then, I have sold scores of antique trunks ranging in price from $50 to $1500. Trunks were the suitcases of yesteryear. In the late 1800s, camelback trunks became the rage by wealthier folks who wanted their gear to ride on top of the other flat stackable trunks in railroad baggage cars and aboard steamships, in hopes of protecting their luggage from damage. Because of that special treatment, most surviving trunks happen to be camelback. So ironically it is easier to sell the flat topped trunks to designers because they not only provide the same excellent storage, but, thanks to their flat surface, can also function like a coffee table. Your barrel-topped trunk was manufactured in this country in the 1890s. Sears offered one like yours in its 1895 catalogue for around two bucks. The good news is you still have the tray, which is usually missing so that doubles the value, but the bad news is your trunk appears to be in well worn condition and would lucky to sell for around $250 today.

Item: Filipino Talibong (Daggers)

Appraised by: Ton

What you've got here are two daggers made in the Philippines near the end of the 19th century. These were mainly used by women to cut plants and kill small animals. The curved handle is what makes it distinct. In mint condition, these go for $200 apiece. With this amount of rust and damage, you'd be lucky to get $50-$75 per dagger.

mm3 toy stove

Item: Crescent Cast Iron Toy Stove

Appraised by: Allen

At first glance, I hoped you might have a salesman's sample, which would be worth big bucks, but judging by the accoutrement, it is a toy. There is a rather strong community for old toy stoves, and I've seen that some rarer toy stoves go for $1000 while others can go for as low as $10. The key is to figure out what year the stove is from and what company manufactured it. Some date all the way back to the 1850s. With that being said, there have been many reproductions produced in the last fifty years by companies such as Queen, Royal, Spark, and unfortunately Crescent. I'm sorry to say that your stove was most likely reproduced in the 1970s. Because of this, they just aren't worth a whole lot. If you sold the stove and pans separately, you could get about $15 for the pans and perhaps $50 for the stove because it is in very near mint condition.

mm3 camel

Item: Glass Camel

Appraised by: Ton

From 618-907 AD, the Tang Dynasty of China made clay statues of various kinds including camels, soldiers, and dragons. These items tend to go for around $500, but I've seen people try and sell them for $5,000. Because of the poor condition of this piece, I'd expect anywhere from $300 to $500.

mm3 bibles

Item: Tijuana Bibles

Appraised by: Allen

Did you say that you have 404 of these little bibles lying around? Well if so, all I can say is that I deeply respect your grandfather's reverence and commitment to his bible study. However, Tijuana Bibles, also known as "eight-pagers," were underground, pornographic comic books that were distributed illegally in the United States as early as the roaring '20s, as a precursor to modern pornography like Playboy. Such examples soared in popularity during the Great Depression, as Tijuana Bibles were a young man's rite of passage into the world of pornography. You mentioned that some of your bibles featured popular cartoon characters including Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Betty Boop, Flash Gordon, and Dick Tracy in addition to movie stars including Ingrid Bergman, Cary Grant, and Robert Mitchum. It was pretty common for the Tijuana Bibles to show well-known cartoon characters, political figures, sports stars, and movie stars in sexually graphic escapades and always without their permission. Without being able to see all 404 of your eight-pagers and assess their condition, authenticity, and content, it is very hard for me to give you an exact price. Content is often the best indicator of value. Most of your comic books will be bring between $25-$45. It's very difficult to find an original Mickey Mouse, which it seems you have and equally difficult to find an original Donald Duck and Mickey Mouse together. I put the Donald Duck bible at around $500 and the Mickey Mouse just under that. This all depends on them being the originals, but if you have over 400 of these little bibles then you could be easily be looking at $25,000!

mm3 walther

Item: Interarms Walther P38 9mm Parabellum

Appraised by: Ton

The Walther P38 set the precedent as the first locked-breech pistol to employ a double-action trigger. It became the service pistol of the Wehrmacht at the start of WWII. It is used and there appears to be some minor wear and tear. Judging by the fact that you still have the box, odds are the serial numbers will match, which helps its value. So I would say it's somewhere in the neighborhood of $450-475.

mm3 barbie

Item: Brunette Barbie

Appraised by: Allen

You, my friend, have stumbled upon a goldmine here. The slight rips in the swimsuit are of little concern, and all the outfits add even more to her value. Barbie dolls were first made in early 1959 and became an instant success as America's best selling toy and certainly rank up number one with collectors and resellers alike. The originals were used as show pieces, which is why there are holes in her feet. There would be a pedestal that she would stand on and small, metal cylinders in her legs. Also, note the sharp curve in her eyebrows and the way she looks away (seems like she knows she's worth a lot, huh?). In 1994, they made a 35th anniversary edition, which has no metal cylinders in Barbie's legs. How do I know yours isn't that? Well, great question. You see, in the pictures you sent me, there are no mold lines on the back of her legs. Now, here comes the fun part. Only 350,000 of these babies or Barbies were originally made, and of those only one-third were brunette. This means that there were just over 115,000 brunette Barbies made and thus, they're truly rare collectors' items. These dolls have been known to go for $3,500 just for the nude doll! With the condition your doll is in, the fact that you have the original black and white swimsuit, and numerous other vintage clothes, this first edition Barbie is worth: (drum roll please) $5,000!

mm3 football

Item: 1969 Kansas City Chiefs Super Bowl Signed Football

Appraisal by: Ton
This is a great piece of sports history you got here. It's pretty cool to think that the 1969-1970 Kansas City Chiefs was the last team to win the Super Bowl before the AFL-NFL merger in 1970. The football appears to be in good shape and that always ups the price. By the looks of it, hall of famers QB Len Dawson and K Jan Stenerud have signed it. But because I cannot be 100% sure that any of the signatures are authentic, I cannot give a fair and accurate estimate. Because of the "CC" notation (engraved beneath the MADE IN USA and near the laces) this ball was made in 1970 and appears to be an official NFL football. I think the best bet here is to get the signatures authenticated, and if they turn out to be the real thing, then you could be looking at anywhere from $1,000-$2,000.

If we didn't pick your item this time around for appraisal, have no fear, we will be doing this again as the season rolls on. Keep sending in your items! Be sure to catch all new episodes of Auction Hunters when they air every Tuesday at 10/9c and don't forget to 'like us' on Facebook.