11 Things We Learned From Week 2's #AskNavarro

March 9, 2016
11 Things We Learned From Week 2's #AskNavarro

On Twitter last night, Dave Navarro fielded questions from Ink Master fans everywhere during the second episode from this epic season. From artist-human canvas relations to a question regarding Oliver's toothpick – and even a marriage proposal – the tweets were flowing nonstop. Okay, enough chat, check out the amazing conversations that took place.

1. Dave's glasses = style. You mad?
2. Dave just got engaged to someone on Twitter - err, maybe it's not quite official.
3. Judges judge the tattoos, they don't ink them. Who woulda thought?
4. The man's got a simple secret for staying cool as a cucumber during the show.
5. Dave's NEVER seen Oliver Peck without his infamous toothpick. Does he sleep with it too?
6. Perhaps not ground-breaking but, yes, Ink Master is real.
7. How many tattoos does Dave Navarro have? Even he does not know the answer to this mythical question.
8. If an artist tries to convince a canvas of moving a tattoo to a different spot, that's alright by the judges.
9. The judges are more arrogant than any egotistical maniac could ever be. Well that's a relief.
10. Dave's not afraid of Kyle Dunbar at all.
11. The rock star reveals his favorite guitars!