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Comic-Con 09: Live Blog from Sherlock Holmes

by nathanbloch   July 24, 2009 at 3:10PM  |  Views: 193

Robert Downey, Jr. takes the stage to a standing ovation. He says, "Holmes was the first superhero, he was an intellectual superhero, and he was also a western martial artist, I'm told. And probably one of the most recognizable images, names on earth, so much that people thought he was a real guy."

He continues, "Why haven't they figured out [Sherlock Holmes] till now?" Pause. "Casting." The audience laughs. "Do you want to see a couple minutes of Sherlock Holmes?"

A several minute long, extended trailer plays, and the audience is treated to several minutes of footage no one's seen. It's pretty cool stuff, too -- the action actually fits within the context of a Holmes film. 

One of the producers says, "The brilliance of Conan Doyle, is that [Holmes] is as much a contemporary character as when he was created."

Downey, Jr., about developing his character, joked, "Well, as you know, I'm a very serious method actor." 

Rachel McAdams says, "We're trying to have this normal relationship, which is nearly impossible."

"We wanted to make it without it being too clever for its own good," Downey says, "and we worked our asses on this, and we took it really, really seriously, and I think that's why we're so proud."

McAdams says, " I really think Robert is the modern day superhero. You should see him work."

Downey says, "I always get really pissy when I'm actually going to have to work hard for a living, I don't know why, we'll talk about that later. This was really about getting the right team of people together. I don't remember what question got me started on this tirade, so I'm going to stop right in the--" And he stops.

Bob Stencil asks, "What was it like working with Jude Law." Pause. "S mustache."

Downey: "We didn't really get along." He goes on, "Right before we started shooting, I had a big '70s porno mustache going on." He says, "I started looking for stuff in the text supporting me looking the way I looked, but it wasn't there." About Jude Law: "That guy knows how to rock a 'stache."

Asked about the pictures of Downey practicing Kung-Fu, Downey said, "Look, I'm not trying to start a riot or anything, but...I could windmill through the lot of you, one after the other."

"The toughest thing was recognizing how tough it was to get it right, and doing it anyway," Downey says in response to a question about what was the hardest thing about making the film.

Check out the first trailer from Sherlock Holmes below:

Source: Michael Buckner/Getty Images