Keith Jardine vs. Brandon Vera

October 19, 2008

Round 1
Jardine immediately goes in for the takedown and scores easily, surprising Vera. Vera wastes no time going to work on the mat and looks to slip in the kimura but to no avail. Upon recovery, Jardine lays down some heavy elbows, but Vera displays confidence and composure as he continues to look for submissions. After some slowed action, the fighters are stood up. Vera grazes Jardine and he goes down, but it looked more like a slip and he pops right back up. Moments later he hit Vera with a shot that knocked him to the canvas but he too recovered immediately. Jardine then gets Vera on his knees and begins to smell blood as the final ticks burn off the clock but Vera is able to stay awake long enough to be saved by the bell.          

Round 2
Vera, possibly still stunned by Jardine's flurry at the close of the last frame, looks more tentative in this round than previously. Jardine shoots in for a takedown but is stopped. Vera then shoots for a takedown of his own and scores. Jardine recovers quickly. To close out the round, Vera lays on a pair of head kicks that score.

Round 3
There's a brief exchange in the opening seconds, but not much action to follow. Both fighters land some legs kicks for good measure. On a takedown defense from Vera, Jardine is able to wrap up Vera from behind and land a couple shots before letting go. In the final seconds, the crowd begins to boo what they perceived as a boring fight and Jardine responds with a few of his signature haymakers.  

The fight goes to the judges and they send back a split decision, favoring Jardine.

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