MIB3: Ton And Allen Are Aliens Revealed?

May 24, 2012

In the build-up to the massive release of Men In Black 3 this weekend, our very own Auction Hunters, Allen Haff and Ton Jones, were actually brought in for questioning due to their increasingly suspicious behavior over the past three seasons. What you are about to see is exclusive footage from their actual interrogation. What's the only thing out of this world about these two? Their mad appraisal skills, y'all.

Ton And Allen Get Interrogated By The Men In Black
Get More: Ton And Allen Get Interrogated By The Men In Black

We always knew Ton was an extremely unique dude, but who saw this coming? Head on over to http://www.mibstrangehappenings.com/ to check out more of Ton and Allen as well as who else in the entertainment universe is a possible extraterrestrial.

The third film in the Men in Black franchise, Will Smith (Agent J) returns in epic 3D and reunites with Agent K (Tommy Lee Jones) in a time-travel adventure for the ages. In it, Agent J discovers that there are secrets to the universe that his partner Agent K never told him about and he must seek them out himself after Jones mysteriously vanishes.