What We Might See At The New York Comic Con

October 10, 2012

All Access Weekly is off this Thursday…but it's time once again for the New York Comic Con! The Javits Center will be packed with fans, professionals, press, and industry folk, and the number of panels and events is overwhelming. Plenty of announcements are expected to come out of the Con, and there are sure to be some surprises. Here's a few that we're looking forward to…or are hoping will happen.

What's The First Big Event Coming Out of Marvel NOW!?

Marvel NOW! is an event in and of itself, but you know it's only a matter of time before a crisis hits the Marvel Universe to test the new status quo and re-arranged team lineups. We could get an announcement out of one or more panels, or maybe even a hint. One rumor even has Hyperion being set up to be the next Big Bad in the Marvel Universe.

A Look At Marvel NOW! - Captain America #1 Exclusive
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One Word: …

Earlier this month, Marvel rolled out one-word teaser images to hype the forthcoming Marvel NOW! titles. Some are obvious based on their connotations and what we already know - "Invincible" for the new "Invincible Iron Man," "Lightning" for the new Thunderbolts book, "Wanted" most likely referring to an X-Men book, etcetera. But some still remain genuine mysteries. We already know many of the Runaways, Young Avengers, and other young heroes will be in the new "Avengers Arena" title, so who are these Amateurs? We already have the new Thunderbolts lineup of anti-heroes and assassins, so who are the Killers? We can assume that Superior is a reference to homo superior, which is what the scientific community calls mutants in the Marvel Universe, but is it another X book or a reference to someone who could be a part of something…bigger? Speaking of which…

Who's In "S.H.I.E.L.D.?"

Marvel is excited about its TV panel this weekend, which seems to indicate they have something up their sleeve. The pilot script is all but written, and they've already provided summaries of the primary characters as well as who's been cast in the roles. But the big question on everyone's mind is who else from the Marvel Universe we'll see on the show. Don't forget, this was presented initially as an "anthology" show, which means it'll showcase various aspects of the Marvel Universe. That means heroes and villains alike, and we could very well get a few announcements on that end.

A Peek At "Man of Steel"

We've seen a teaser trailer and some images of the forthcoming Zack Snyder reboot, but not much else. The film's set for a June 2013 release, which means we'll likely see our first full trailer and a better look at what's in store.

Man of Steel Trailer
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"Avengers 2" Additions?

It may be too soon for us to get word on more casting for the Avengers sequel, but rumors came down on Monday that there could be an addition to the team in the way of Ms. Marvel. It could just be speculation or wishful thinking, or just another step in the march towards the next biggest summer blockbuster of all time.

Spider-Man's 50th Birthday

Marvel, Hallmark, and the city of New York will combine forces to throw a fiftieth birthday party for the wall crawler. It's certainly a milestone, and we're sure Marvel is planning to take full advantage of all the extra eyes that will be on them. We could, for example, get a better idea of Spider-Man's role in the Marvel NOW initiative. Or maybe, just maybe, we could get confirmation of a sequel to the new Amazing Spider-Man franchise. Perhaps a villain? Or a hint? Fingers crossed!

DC Comics' Fourth Wave

Since launching its New 52 initiative, DC Comics has cancelled and launched new titles in waves. We're about due for a fourth wave, and we could see most if not all of the lineup announced at the Con. One of the more likely contenders: a Time Masters series with Booster Gold serving as the central character.

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