Hating Sex And The City is Sexist, says Uninformed Guy

June 4, 2008


Sex and the City is doing just fabulously.  Something must be done.

So far, we’ve been doing well as a gender.  Men and boys around the world have been refusing to go to the movie, refusing to talk about it to their girlfriends, and watching Deep Blue Sea (similarly mindless, yet masucline) 100 times to balance out the Yin Yang of world cinema.

Then comes Newsweek contributing writer Ramin Setoodeh thinks that, as a gender, our backlash against SATC is itself sexist.  He thinks we’re doing it because we…I’m not sure.  He calls it "poor sportsmanship," but he’s not very clear on what sport we're playing, what the score is, or who's fouling who. He just seems to not like it.  He did say he thinks maybe we feel bad, as a gender, for Indiana and the Hulk being ousted in the box office.  To extend the sports metaphor, I'm afraid that comes up just short of the endzone of reason. 

He goes on to incorrectly intimate that Roger Ebert is a sexist because the movie didn't resonate with him. Really?  Isn't that his job?  To review movies?  Here's what Ebert said:     

"I am not the person to review this movie … I was lucky I know who Vivienne Westwood was, and that's because she used to be the girlfriend of the Sex Pistols' manager."

O!  Bathe me in the sweet water of your unflinching criticism, Roger Ebert! It really is that simple.  He doesn't care, it's mindless.  It has little redeeming cinematic virtue.  If that makes him a sexist, then I have been wildly misinformed about sex, gender, and sexual politics (though, admittedly, it wouldn't be the first time. Only something so insipid as the Sex and the City movie could incite such Viking-like battle cries (for a movie critic) from Roger Ebert.  In fact, that’s easily the best part of SATC.

He continues to be astonished the (he assumes) male users logged on to rotten tomatoes and imdb before the domestic release to rate down the movie.  How did he know!?  I didn't see him at the secret meetings we have!?  If that were true, you'd think all blatantly masculine movies would receive that treatment from women and vice versa.  Another swing and a miss.

Setoodeh says, "Sex and the City" the TV series was a revolution, yadda yadda, because it was one of the rare forms of entetainment that showed women in the flesh (and flesh), with all their vulnerabilities, anxieties and intelligence." 

Fair enough.  At the time, it kind of was, and that's laudable.  But, since, the SATC machine has gained so much momentum that it's commercialized.  I mean, they are making a movie out of it.  When Hollywood forced out a Family Guy movie, or a Simpsons movie, or a X-Files movie, it was time to let those once-fresh flowers wilt, too.  And we did.  And nobody called us alien* haters for it.  Those were good times.   

I guess I should mention I don’t hate women.  I would hope that it was evident that I dislike crass commercialization, not women.  And I hope even more that disapproving of the four SATC women didn't brand me as an everywoman hater, but I guess it does. "I don’t hate women" - Me.  Does that settle it? 

In fact, I think they’re just dandy.  They smell nice, and have twice the amount of natural empathy we do.  It’s generally lovely to have them around.  Some have dated me.  But the problem is that SATC makes my friends, who are usually so nice to me, into she-banshees who scoff at clever gifts like this because they come up lacking a shocking price tag.  It gives them unrealistic expectations about life, love, and the impossible Manhattan lifestyle portrayed in the movie.


They’re the pied pipers of veiled sexism (not my friends) and foggy dreams.  And, what’s worse, is they’d be awful to have at a Super Bowl party (the ultimate test of a friend, for me).

Here’s a fun thing for Newsweek, specifically author Ramin Setoodeh, to consider:  Maybe SATC is just insipid.  Or maybe IT’S sexist inasmuch as it oversimplifies the female experience by entrenching (patriarchy-driven) stereotypes.  Pwned.  I even know girls that hate the show.  Here’s one:

"Sex and the city is just thinly-veiled porn for chicks - soulless coupling and shoe fetishism,” continuing on her opinion of Setoodeh, "Douche!" - Alicia, a girl

True story.  Rally, men.  Stick to your articistic guns. Eschew the social apocalypse that will start in your girlfriends' heads as a seed planted by SATC.


*I hate aliens.  A lot. Even E.T.