Wes Craven Confirmed for Scream 4

February 19, 2010

There have been rumors for along time about Wes Craven's involvement with the new Scream film(s). No one has really known whether or not he was going to take the director's chair again, which made the whole endeavor seem a little bit foolish. But now we finally have confirmation that Craven is, in fact, going to helm Scream 4.

The Los Angeles Times got the scoop, even though there's only one line in the article that talks about Craven's involvement with Scream 4:

Craven recently finished My Soul to Take, which is scheduled for release sometime this year. And in May, he starts on Scream 4. And after that? “My goal is to die in my 90s on the set, say, ‘That’s a wrap,’ after the last shot, fall over dead and have the grips go out and raise a beer to me.”

So the cat is officially out of the bag: Scream 4 is being directed by Wes Craven. Does this mean the film has a shot at success? Who knows? But it certainly didn't have a shot if Craven wasn't going to be behind the camera. We'll just have to sit back and wait for a trailer now.

Photo: Albert L. Ortega/Getty Images