Metallica on a Mission

May 12, 2008


In anticipation for the their upcoming Untitled LP release in September, Metallica has launched the website "Mission: Metallica" to offer fans a buttload of exclusive content and teasers of new songs.

A preview clip on the website shows the band recording the new album and clowning around in the studio. Fans who sign up will be eligible to "win backstage passes to every show this summer," among other special offers. I had problems watching the video on their site, so here's an embedded version.

Now I know Metallica has gotten a bad wrap in the last few years and Dave Grohl hasn’t been too nice in recent days either, but I can’t help but hope that the new album will be a glorious thrashtastic masterpiece. I’m probably wrong, but after listening to Master of Puppets all weekend I am in very high spirits about it. Listening to “Battery” always gives me a positive outlook on life. Metal!!