Commercial Pulled from Oscars Telecast for Being Too Racy

March 2, 2010

A commercial for controversial dating website Ashley Madison (it's for people who are married) has been pulled from this weekend’s Oscar’s telecast for being inappropriate. Watch it after the jump.

The Avatar-inspired commercial shows a man having a steamy romp between the sheets with his blue “secretary.” The man is subsequently caught in the act by his wife (who’s also blue?). The commercial seems to suggest that if a man’s going to cheat, he should do it properly—with a married woman. (The company’s tagline is “Life is short, have an affair.”)

ABC, the network broadcasting Sunday’s Academy Awards, didn’t like the spot and refused to air it. A spokesperson for Ashley Madison said the decision to ban the commercial reeked of hypocrisy and pointed out that several of the films nominate this year, such as Up in the Air and Nine, have plots involving infidelity.

The commercial, which really doesn’t make much sense, will air in Australia during the awards ceremony. It seems the folk Down Under are either very open minded, or prone to very lame commercials.

What do you think?


Source: Ashley Madison