2 Fast 2 Furious (2003)
The Fast and The Furious: Tokyo Drift (2006): Fast and the Furious, The: Tokyo Drift (2006)
Cops O: Late Night Snacks
Cops O: The Young and the Reckless
Cops O: Front Door Felony
Cops O: From Sixty to Zero
Cops O: Bible Buddies
Cops O: Manic Monday
Cops O: The Young and the Reckless
Cops O: Front Door Felony
2 Fast 2 Furious (2003)
The Fast and The Furious: Tokyo Drift (2006): Fast and the Furious, The: Tokyo Drift (2006)
Xtreme Off Road: XOR Adventure Ride
Engine Power: Ford Tribute: Big Inch Windsor Stroker
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The 13 Worst Horror Video Games

by Reverend_Danger   October 31, 2008 at 4:00PM  |  Views: 5,318

6. Obscure 2: the Aftermath  Obscure 2 was like one of those awful teenage horror films that people go to on a first date. The game tried so hard to be frightening, but only cames off as cheesy and laughable. The first Obscure was one of the first horror games to incorporate true co-op play. Unlike the original, however, Obscure 2’s co-op mode was frustrating and clunky. You would find yourself battling the camera and controls more than you would the monsters.

5. Resident Evil: Dead Aim Alternately titled in the ever-crazier country of Japan as Gun Survivor 4: BioHazard: Heroes Never Die, Resident Evil: Dead Aim was a throwaway installment of this very much hit and miss series. Where this game really falters though, is in its odd perspective.  It’s a sort of zombified version of first and third person shooters: first when shooting, third when running.  And like a real zombie, it's rotten & stinky and will degrade your brain. 

4. Okage: Shadow King


Okage was a silly little RPG with a silly premise (your sister was attacked by a ghost, causing her to only speak Pig Latin). The game’s story was hard to follow as it wandered all over the place, and the repetitive gameplay failed in the shadow of genre greats like Final Fantasy. Okage would have made a great kids’ adventure game, but it failed at being a cutesy-scary RPG. 

3. Zombie vs. Ambulance 


Ambulances are usually a good thing for video games. In the Grand Theft Auto series you can steal them and run people over, or go on medical missions - zombies…get the f%*k outta here.  That’s video game gold, you say.  Well, you are wrong.  In Zombies vs. Ambulance, your ambulance is slow and sounds like a KitchenAid mixer.  The zombies are weak and all offer the same, stock audio “ughhhh,” as you run them down. The graphics are way below par for PS2, and frankly, we’d rather play Carmaggedon  

2. Echo Night 2: Beyond 


Echo Night 2: Beyond is a horror game for people against violence where you play a newlywed on a honeymoon to the moon. Wait, it gets better. Your ship crashed before landing, and you get separated from your lovely bride, leaving you alone in an abandoned research station. You get no weapons, and your only means of surviving this ghost-ridden base is by running away and keeping a close eye on your heart monitor -- get too scared, and you die of a heart attack. What’s the fun in that?

1. Friday the 13th


The most disappointing title on the list, the Friday the 13th video game was pregnant with possibilities. Instead of Jason lacerating the womb and spilling forth the demonspawn that was meant to terrorize children and young adults through their pixilated screen, he made a sandwich and took a nap.  It was exactly that disappointing.  Instead of killing sex-crazed teenagers, Jason kills little kids.  But the worst part is, instead of being Jason, you’re a camp counselor trying to save the kids from being killed.  It’s all wrong!  Horribly, horribly wrong!