Possible Predictions for UFC Penn vs Sanchez

December 9, 2009

Los Angeles, CA--Dec 9th, 2009--UFC Penn vs Sanchez adds up to be quite an exciting night for MMA fans.  The main event pits Champ against contender.  Diego Sanchez, once fought in 170 category, just as BJ Penn had done.  Penn, though, has always fought in both weight categories, and he's got the experience of fighting for 5 rounds, which Sanchez has not. 

Sanchez boasts of his cardio, but when he fought Clay Guida, he was out of gas in the 2nd and 3rd rounds.  Guida had his way with Sanchez in those rounds, so I do not know how Sanchez won that match up.  Yeah, he put the whoop on Guida in the 1st round, but the fights last 3 rounds, not one.

When Sanchez goes into the Octagon against Penn, he'll see this fight slipping away from the opening bell.  Penn has simply too much for Sanchez, and everybody knows his game plan already; try to take Penn down, which will be successfully thwarted.  Penn has the endurance to outlast Sanchez while Sanchez is exerting all that energy, trying to take hime down.

Sanchez will be submitted by the 4th round.

Frank Mir will be fighting behemoth, Cheick Kongo, while working on take downs, Mir will be more than happy to put his hands on the man standing in his way on Mir's path toward a rubber match between him and Brock Lesnar.  Now that he is aware of Lesnar's strategy, Mir will be a man on a mission, but first he must take out Kongo. 

Kongo kept calling Mir a Big Mouth, but Mir hasn't really been talking much about Kongo so I do not know where this came from.  Kongo needs to be aware of one thing; Mir was totally embarrased in his last fight.  Of course, so was Kongo, when Cain Velasquez put the whoop on him. 

Velasquez is no where near the size of Lesnar, so why Kongo thinks he has a fighter's chance at beating Mir is beyond me.  Mir has the experience and he, too, can box.  Kongo does have some hard knee strikes, but if he puts his knee anywhere near Mir, he'll lose it. That and the fight.

Mir beats Kongo in the first round by submission.  Or the beginning of the second.

Jon Fitch fights Mike Pierce in a 170 lb match up.  Fitch is one of the best 170 pounders, losing to GSP in relative ease by GSP.  As good as Fitch is, he was throroughly humiliated and dominated by GSP in their match up.  Think he'll let another fighter do the same to him?  Not even Pierce.

Fitch in the first round by submission.

Kenny Florian and Clay Guida both have experience against the main event fighters.  Guida lost that epic battle with Sanchez and Florian lost to Penn in his title fight recently by submission.  Penn punishes his opponents, because of their mouths.  Jens Pulver, Florian, Sean Sherk.  You name him, Penn demolished him.

Florian by submission.  If he doesn't get Guida by the 2nd round, Guida wins by decision.

There will be other fights on this card, and these will truly be some exciting ones.  Alan Belcher will be facing Wilson Gouveia; Matt Wiman faces Shane Nelson; Johny Hendricks against Ricardo Funch and one sleeper which might get F of the N honors: DaMarcus Johnson against Edgar Garcia in another 170 lb match up.