Musketeer vs Pirate

August 16, 2010

MUSKETEER --- Main Gauche, Rapier, Grenade, Wheellock Pistol, Musket.

PIRATE --- Boarding Ax, Cutlass, Grenado, Flintlock Pistol, Blunderbuss.

EDGE --- Boarding Ax for slashing lethality, Cutlass for slashing lethality, Grenado for shrapnel and it kills in all directions, Wheellock and Flintlock are EVEN, Musket for reload ability and holds a bayonet.

A group of Musketeer's are walking through a French forest that leads to a bay on the ocean. They see a large ship showing the Spanish Flag. They're not worried due to neighboring countries. But cannons come out and the flag is swapped with a Pirate Flag. One of the cannons shoots but misses, several feet away from the Musketeer's, raining sand all over them. The ship docks and five Pirates get off. One in a black and white striped shirt and a bandana is shot by a musket bullet that hits him in his eye patch. MUSKETEER = 5. PIRATE = 4.

The other three mates and the captain Pirates scurry, and the Musketeer's decided to do the same. Two of them hide behind some bushes but a grenado is tossed in front of them. It explodes, throwing shrapnel into the bodies of the French soldiers. The Pirate that threw the grenado is ambushed by a bayonet and musket. He is stabbed and shot. M = 3. P = 3.

The bayonet Musketeer gets in a fight between a cutlass wielding Pirate. Before the musket comes down to shoot, the barrel is cut off and as the blade comes down to sever the Musketeer's head off, the sawn off musket shoots. Both died immediately. Meanwhile there's an Ax vs Gauche battle. The Ax is caught but when it's broken, the Pirate tackles the Musketeer and brings the other side of the Ax and hits the heart. M = 1. P = 2.

The Pirate with the Ax is blown up by a grenade that rolls under through his legs. The Musketeer takes out a Rapier and a Wheellock. He is shot in the foot with a Flintlock bullet. He's not dead, but starts limping. He shoots his Wheellock but only gashes the arm of the captain. He pulls out a cutlass but the rapier stabs the sword's shoulder. It makes the captain drop the sword. This let's the Musketeer enough time to get up and almost enough time to shoot back but a blunderbuss shot hits the head, neck, chest, and shoulders. He dies from blood loss and several places that were shot. M = 0. P = 1.

PIRATE --- 782.

Boarding Ax --- 101.

Cutlass --- 114.

Grenado --- 92.

Flintlock Pistol --- 236.

Blunderbuss --- 239.

MUSKETEER --- 218.

Main Gauche --- 22.

Rapier --- 30.

Grenade --- 17.

Wheellock Pistol --- 54.

Musket --- 75.