Mascot Fighting Sort of Sad, Kind of Awesome

September 20, 2010

The Ohio State Buckeyes happily welcomed the University of Ohio Bobcats (and their 117th ranked passing offense) into the Horseshoe for a friendly – yet thorough – beating Saturday afternoon. If only the Bobcats’ mascot received the memo about serving as stat-padding fodder, the androgynous Buckeye mascot could have avoided an awkward confrontation on the 30-yard-line.

For what appears to be no real reason, the surly Bobcat rushes the field during the Ohio State warm-up and attacks the Buckeye on two separate occasions.

It was interesting to note that not one single player, or security guard tried to break up the fight. Is this because there’s some sort of prison-style mascot code, where you’re just supposed to let them “fight it out?” Or, is this guy just disliked by the team and they all thought he had it coming?