Why Women Have Sex

September 8, 2009

A new book claims to uncover the “real reasons” women have sex...and some of them are just plain strange.

Cindy Meston and David Buss, the authors of Why Woman Have Sex, interviewed over 1,000 women and asked them why they have sex. The psychologists then compiled 200 reasons and ranked them. Interestingly, romance and passion rated low on the list.

In a rather disheartening revelation, the study found that 84 percent of women admitted to having sex “to ensure a quiet life or to bargain for household chores.” This could be because women don’t find men sexually attractive. The research shows that while men find most women somewhat sexually attractive, “women do not find most men sexually attractive at all.” Now that hurts!

The study showed that nearly one in 10 women admitted to “having sex for presents” and that six in ten college students regularly slept with a male friend who wasn’t their boyfriend. Mind you, it should be noted that the research was conducted at the University of Texas.

Other reasons stated included relieving a headache, to alleviate boredom, or because they felt sorry for the dude. One woman said she does it for spiritual reasons, saying “It's the closest thing to God.”

Now these stats are somewhat scary, but power is knowledge. So the next time your lady asks you to take out the trash out or mow the lawn, it might be time to do some bargaining in the bedroom.

Source: Digital Vision/Getty Images