Apple's "It's Only Rock 'n Roll" Event Brings New iTunes, Gadgets

September 9, 2009

Steve Jobs, Apple's chief executive messiah, took to the stage once again at this year's iPod-centric event, and brought with him a host of new Apple announcements.

Here's the rundown of today's announcements:

iTunes 9


iTunes 9 should be going live today, and it brings with it an enhanced interface, a redesigned Store, better organization for your media and apps, and enhanced album content with liner notes and photos. Let's hope is also includes a faster UI for those of us using it on Windows machines.

iPhone OS 3.1


The latest update to the iPhone OS will be dropping today, and with it comes...a bunch of bug fixes and the ability to download a bunch of new ringtones, basically.

New iPods


The iPod Touch gets a price drop and a new 64GB model, while the iPod classic gets slightly slimmer and now offers 160GB of storage for the same $249 price as before.

And One More Thing...


New iPod Nanos are getting a camera and external speaker. Prices are 8GB for $149, 16GB for $179. Available today.


Source: Engadget