Tim Burton, Johnny Depp to Make Dark Craziness

June 2, 2008



Tim Burton has been signed on as director for the film adaptation of the now-campy-but-then-controversial ABC television series “Dark Shadows.”

It’s sort of a “Underworld” type series in which vampires, werewolves and ghosts run amok, but back then you didn’t have to disembowel bad guys in particularly creative ways to be successful. 

In fact, the series didn’t even incorporate ghoulies until six months in which made it the first daytime series featuring, well, dark shadows of that nature.  Despite it being somewhat tame, Johnny Depp was obsessed to the point of wanting to be the lead vampire, Barnabas Collins. 

Thankfully, we live in a much more jaded society where it certainly does take a shower head jammed into a zombie skull to thrill me.  Yum.  And, if any freakish duo were up to the challenge, it’s the Burton/Depp duo.  Remember the end of “Sweeney Todd”?  I had delicious nightmares for a week.  Hopefully, “Dark Shadows” heads in that direction.  Hopefully Depp, as a character actor, will actually start eating people.  Keep your pale, malnourished fingers crossed, emotigoth kids.