George Bluth Says Arrested Development Movie a Go

November 14, 2008

Fans of the cancelled Fox TV series Arrested Development the world over have reason to celebrate, as Jeffrey Tambor -- who played the patriarch of the Bluth family -- has gone on record in an interview with Collider as saying that a movie of Arrested is "going, it's a go." Seriously?! Rumors have fluctuated back and forth for a long time, so this is huge news.

Now, just because Tambor has announced the movie is green-lit doesn't mean that it necessarily is. Many a time an actor has enthusiastically spoken out of place, simply because they were uninformed and figured if they said something this would make it so. However, Tambor claims that he spoke with show creator Mitch Hurwitz, who would write and direct and produce the film, and that getting the nod from him means it's "a good sign."

Well, I hope he's right, because an Arrested Development movie would make many people who were devastated by the show's cancellation very happy, this blogger included. Promise us it's true, Jeffrey!