New York Proposes Stripper Tax

March 11, 2009

With a state budget $14 billion in deficit, a Brooklyn Assemblyman has introduced a bill targeting the hip pocket of guys who like to have a drink and a lap dance.

The ridiculous bill, introduced by Democrat Felix Ortiz, calls for patrons to pay the state $10 every time they visit a New York strip club or topless bar. Ortiz believes the tax would raise $500 million and help fund programs for victims of human trafficking, domestic violence, sexual abuse, and child prostitution.

Ortiz says, “The bottom line is, we have to protect people who have been victimized by unscrupulous individuals, and we cannot continue, especially in this economy, to have government pay for everything."

A similar $5 “pole tax” in Texas was recently struck down as unconstitutional by a state judge.

The Governor of New York, David Patterson, has proposed a bill that targets digital downloads which include pornography.

Isn't this an assault on the adult entertainment industry?

Source: Justin Sullivan / Getty Images