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June 9, 2009

Marilyn Manson blames Columbine for ruining career, Todd McFarlane’s delusions of grandeur catch up to DiCaprio, and
Gisele Bündchen gets tattooed?'s the Mantenna!

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Woman Loses $1 Million Mattresses

An Israeli woman is claiming she mistakenly threw out a mattress containing $1 million dollars. The woman bought her mother a new mattress and disposed of the old one, forgetting it contained her life savings. She said, "I woke up in the morning screaming, when it hit me what happened." She went to retrieve the mattress but it had already been hauled away by garbage collectors. The woman is now scouring a local dump in search of her socked-away fortune. [AOL]

Gisele Gets Tattooed?

Gisele Bündchen is on the cover of the June issue of Photo magazine completely nude, covered only in ferns. The sexy supermodel also appears in a set of photos with what resembles a full body tattoo. Don’t be alarmed, Gisele didn’t go under the tattoo gun for the shoot. Rather, the floral arrangement with butterflies, dolphins, and ferns is the result of body paint meticulously applied. [Egotastic]

Todd McFarlane’s Delusions of Grandeur Catch Up to DiCaprio

Comic book creator Todd McFarlane has upped the ante when it comes to outsizing one’s ego. He’s still going on and on about his idea for a new Spawn film, claiming that “It’s not a big special-effects movie, it’s a character movie." Now he’s got the best idea of all: Leonardo DiCaprio as the main villain. “It’s a big wish, but his dad was a big fan of underground comic books and he came from that.” Riiiight. It’s possible DiCaprio would have nothing better to do than reboot a comic movie that crashed and burned the first time around. Then again, it’s also possible Al Pacino’s hair is real. [Slash Film]

Prince Needs Two New Hips


Source: Michael Ochs Archives/Getty Images

Prince was on the prowl again last night, making an unscheduled appearance at the Apollo Theater’s 75th Anniversary Celebration to toast Patti LaBelle. But the real buzz on Prince was his much reported past hip problems that have now turned into a need for a double hip replacement. Unfortunately, thanks to his practice as a Jehovah’s Witness, Prince still refuses surgery. JW’s don’t believe in blood transfusions. “He’s in a lot of pain,” said a source who was backstage with him last night at the Apollo. “He’s popping pain killers and hoping it will all go away.” But it won’t. Back in 2005 reports surfaced that Prince needed one hip replaced. He declined. [Showbiz 411]

Marilyn Manson Blames Columbine for Ruining His Career

In a world exclusive interview in tomorrow's Kerrang! magazine, Marilyn Manson speaks out against school shootings, or rather him being blamed for them. "If there was a Grammy Award for death toll, it would be mine," Manson told Kerrang! "Blaming me for Columbine was ridiculous. It's a lack of responsibility from everyone. If you want to blame something, well, I went to Christian school. That's why I write what I write. Shall we blame the Christians?" Manson said that being linked to the Columbine massacre essentially ruined his career. "I lost everything because of Columbine," continues. "There has to be that first person who takes the arrows in the back and I guess that was me." [Kerrang!]

The Last Pontiac Off the Assembly Will Be...A Toyota

If you've ever wondered what the definition of irony is, look no further. According to the 2010 GM Product Guide, the 2010 Pontiac Vibe is the only 2010 model from the doomed brand and is, therefore, the last Pontiac. In case you're not aware, a Pontiac Vibe is litterally a re-badged Toyota Matrix, which is built alongside the Vibe at at the joint NUMMI production facility in Fremont, California. That's right, the last Pontiac is actually a Toyota. [Car Scoop]

New Lithium-Sulfur Batteries Could Last 3 Times Longer Than Lithium-Ion

Scientists at the University of Waterloo have designed a lithium-sulfur battery that, thanks to nanotechnology, is capable of three times the power of lithium-ion batteries with equal volume while remaining both lighter and cheaper to produce. Long-distance electric cars, anyone? [D Vice]

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