Mantenna - Monday, December 14

December 14, 2009

Hugh Hefner weighs in on the Tiger Woods sex scandal, Courtney Love loses custody of her daughter, and the 3D scoreboard experiment bombs during an NFL game...the Mantenna is bigger than The Beatles!

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Hugh Hefner Not Surprised by Tiger Woods Scandal

Hugh Hefner wants to put rumors to rest that he approves of Tiger Woods’ numerous affairs. He doesn’t, but he’s not the least bit surprised by them. He says, “The reason that I wasn't surprised is that he’s traveling the world.  He's a handsome, young guy and beautiful ladies are throwing themselves at him. You never know the circumstances of a personal relationship or a marriage and how well it worked and I think that the immorality of infidelity is the lie.  It isn't really the sex.  It's the cheating.” Hefner says he was married for eight and a half years and never cheated on his wife. Was he happier? He says, “No.” Sounds like Tiger should just ditch the wifey. [FOX News]

David O. Russell Takes on Pride and Prejudice and Zombies

Think what you will of the temperamental director David O. Russell, but the man knows how to direct all kinds of genres, and he usually brings something different to each of them. Well now it’s looking like he’s not only going to direct the adaptation of Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, he’s also going to adapt the script. Don’t forget that this movie is no small potatoes: Natalie Portman’s already signed on to star in it. Here’s hoping Russell can keep his set from descending into utter chaos. [Pajiba]

A Couple of Dicks Just Copped Out

After the box office and DVD disaster that was director Kevin Smith’s Zack and Miri Make a Porno, he’s decided to change the title of his new film from A Couple of Dicks to Cop Out. Whether or not this is in itself a cop-out remains to be seen, but it’s probably safe to say that we can expect the same raunchy brand of humor we’ve come to expect from Smith. Just ‘cause the title doesn’t have any dirty words in it doesn’t mean we’re not going to get all kinds of filth, so keep your chin up. [Cinematical]

Courtney Love Loses Custody of Daughter


Source: GABRIEL BOUYS/Getty Images

Troubled rocker Courtney Love has lost legal control of her 17-year-old daughter Frances Bean Cobain. Love was stripped of her legal parenting rights in a Los Angeles court on Friday. The court appointed Wendy O'Connor, Kurt Cobain's mother, and Kimberly Dawn Cobain, Kurt's sister to be Frances Beans’ temporary guardian. According to TMZ, “the guardianship is for both Frances Bean personally and her financial well-being.” Love did not appear in court for the ruling and the exact reason behind the decision is unknown as the court proceedings are sealed. [TMZ]

Tiger Woods' Mistress Goes on the Today Show to Announce that She's Not Looking For Publicity

Cori Rist, who will soon be known as witness number 11 in the inevitable Tiger Woods divorce case, went on national television to explain to America that she isn't some publicity-seeking whore with no feelings - something she did exceptionally well while documenting her affair with a married man on national television. The 31-year-old cocktail waitress claimed she didn't mean to hurt her boyfriend's wife and that she feels bad for the pain she caused. Next stop, Jerry Springer. [MSNBC]

3D Scoreboard Expirement During Cowbody Game Bombs

You know 3D has a long way to go when even Jerry Jones can't manage to sell it for longer than seven minutes: the vaunted real-time 3D scoreboard display experiment at last night's Cowboys game was turned off to loud cheers after just six minutes and fifty seconds of being active. The problem (as usual) was the glasses: most of the 80,000 people in attendance didn't bother to put on the headgear required to see the 3D effect, and instead saw a blurry anaglyph image - which they then booed. What's more, some who wore the glasses complained that the 3D effect caused nausea, although probably not as badly as the Cowboys' 20-17 loss to the Chargers. [Vizworld]

Hollywood Sets $10 Billion Box Office Record

Claims by the MPAA that illegal downloads are killing the industry and causing billions in losses are once again being shredded. In 2009, the leading Hollywood studios made more films and generated more revenue than ever before, and for the first time in history the domestic box office grosses will surpass $10 billion. Neither the ever-increasing piracy rates nor the global recession could prevent Hollywood having its best year ever in 2009. With an estimated $10.6 billion in consumer spending at the U.S. and Canadian box office, the movie industry will break the 2008 record by nearly a billion dollars. [TorrentFreak]

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