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Robbie E For President

by Robbie E   November 07, 2012 at 12:00PM  |  Views: 1,714

What up, my dudes? I am back with the highlight of your week - another #broblog. This week is an election week in The United States, and whether you're a Democrat or Republican, conservative, liberal, libertarian or what, we can all agree on one important issue: I should be president, bro. Here are the top 5 reasons why I should be the one being voted into the Oval Office, (and Bigger Rob my vice president, obviously)

5 - Free Tanning - All Americans deserve to be tan. Some can't afford it. Well, with Robbie E as president they don't have to worry. Tanning beds will be put everywhere, bro. Schools for little kids, police stations, doctor's offices, gas stations, truck stops... everywhere man.

4 - Gym Memberships - Everyone is fat, bro. With all people having free gym memberships they don't have to worry anymore. Now everyone can look great like me and my vice president Bigger Rob, bro.

3 - Protein - Not enough people eat protein which builds muscle. Guess what? Now that I am president, protein will be in all foods so everyone will be regularly having their muscles grown.

2 - No Pets - I don't like animals touching me, bro. No one does. I don't trust dogs or cats for sure man, and definitely not rats, you get me, dudes? Now if you want a dog you gotta live out of the country, like in Hawaii or Alaska or something. You're welcome.

1 – Monthly National Robbie E day - Every month all of America will get a special day to celebrate me, bro. So no school, no work. Everyone gets to worship me.

Until next week...OH!!!!!! you aint on the list bro!!!!


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