Incredible Hulk Reviews Not That Bad

June 12, 2008


The reviews of The Incredible Hulk that are coming out seem to be of the opinion that the refurbished version of 2003’s Hulk is really not that bad. Which, for those of us who were of the opinion that Hulk was that bad and a big bowl of worse, and who feared Incredible Hulk would be a noxious medley of Fight Club (minus Tyler Durden) and Spider Man 3, is kind of incredible.

Of course, the temperamental Edward Norton has already fallen out with Marvel and Universal and is rumored to be tending to his not-that-big-of-a-movie-star-yet woes on some tropical island. This guy has got to be the highest paid cry baby of all time. I mean, has anybody worked with Norton ever and not had a subsequent falling out?

Norton’s predictably childish immaturity aside, I’m actually half-way looking forward to watching Incredible Hulk now. Will I feel guilty for spreading good word of mouth about the film before I’ve even seen it if this thing turns out to be another bomb on CG steroids? Perhaps.

But I won’t cry about it. Much. I hope. Crap, I think I’ve got something in my eye…