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Clash of the Egos

by nathanbloch   April 28, 2009 at 4:01PM  |  Views: 44

Directors McG and Michael Bay have been sparring with words for quite some time now. They both have films coming out about large, dangerous robots (McG's Terminator Salvation and Bay's Transformers 2), which has put their huge (albeit fragile) egos in danger of getting bruised. But now McG has officially thrown down and challenged Michael Bay to the ultimate competition. Or, at least, the lamest competition.

In an interview with Men Style, McG had to go there: he straight up challened Michael Bay to a penis-measuring contest. Yeah, you read that right. Here's what McG actually said:

Michael Bay has a big c***. But I'd like to believe mine is bigger. If he's up for it, we can both reveal ourselves on the Spartacus steps at Universal and put the question to rest.

This is pretty much a win-win situation for McG, because in the event that he loses the contest with Bay, he still wins for conceiving the dumbest public challenge ever.

Should we now be worried about the prospects of Terminator Salvation? Because I am. Very, very worried.

Source: Ryan Miller/Getty Images