U.S. Rangers vs British S.A.S.

December 5, 2010

Beginning Analysis: What happens when an elite group of United States soldiers takes on the pride & joy of the United Kingdom? Read on to see who...is...deadliest!?


(Due to comments, the weapons have been changed to be more accurate, and moments in the final fight have changed to accomidate the new weaponry. Who got the edge has also changed due to the new weapons)


U.S. Rangers

Short Range: M9 Beretta Pistol

Medium Range: M4-Carbine

Long Range: M24 Sniper Rifle

Explosive: M79 Grenade Launcher


British S.A.S.

Short Range: P226 Sig Sauer Pistol

Medium Range: C8-Carbine

Long Range: L96A1 Sniper Rifle

Explosive: M72-LAW Rocket Launcher


Who Got the Edge

M9 Beretta vs P226 Sig Sauer: Both pistols get the edge. They're highly reliable, and usually can take down a man with one well-placed shot.


M4-Carbine vs C8-Carbine: Just like the pistols, both carbines get the edge. Both have been around since the 80s, and are widely popular among the military, as well as their semi-auto forms for the public.


M24 Sniper Rifle vs L96A1 Sniper Rifle: Like the pistols & carbines, both sniper rifles get the edge. Despite the slowness of the bolt-action, one well placed shot between the eyes (or a short through the heart) means a job well done.


M79 Grenade Launcher vs M72-LAW Rocket Launcher: The M79 gets the explosive edge. The M72-LAW is a fine rocket launcher, but it's also a disposible launcher. Once you fire it, there's no reloading. Meanwhile, the M79 can be reloaded after a shot is fired, and there's a variety of grenades that can be used with it.



A group of 5 U.S. Rangers was called in to gather some intelligence documents in an abandoned Russian base. The base was located on a small, undocumented island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. The would be dropped onto the south beach, where they were sure that, if in the unlikely event that anybody was there, they wouldn't be seen. Their superiors said even though nobody would be on the island, they should watch their backs just in case.


Meanwhile, 5 S.A.S. soldiers came in on the north beach. Their superiors also told them of old Soviet documents hidden in this abandoned base, as well as advanced details of the island itself. They were also notified that another country's military would possibly arrive on the island, and they were ordered to make sure that the documents leave the island in their hands.


20 minutes later, both forces spotted the military base. It appeared to have been abandoned for quite some time, as much of it was overgrown by the plants. The old signs were covered with some much rust that it would be pointless to try and read them. The main gates to the north & south were practically hanging off their hinges, waiting to fall at the slightest touch.


Another 3 minutes had passed, when the two forces had finally caught sight each other. Before the Rangers could find cover, the S.A.S. began firing. One of the Rangers was not so lucky, as a sniper round went right through his heart before he could find cover. 


U.S. Rangers: 4/British S.A.S.: 5


The Rangers began to return fire, unleashing their own stream of bullets. One of the Rangers was lucky enough to get a head shot with his M24, landing right between the eyes.


U.S. Rangers: 4/British S.A.S.: 4


The two forces continued to shoot at the other, then began to head towards the main building, all the while continuing to take potshots at each other.


The insides of the base were as decayed as the outside. Puddles of water were sloshed around as they move through, and every once in a while, they could hear rats & such moving through the rusted ventilation. Old iron doors, pitted with rust, were still closed, hiding secrets that were best left undisturbed. 


A minute later, they got to the heart of the abandoned base. The could still see writing on the chalkboards, and old electronic equipment covered with cobwebs. They began searching for the documentation, when they heard footsteps coming north of their position. Quickly, they gathered all the documentation they could find, and quickly exited. As soon as they left, the S.A.S. entered the room. The last Ranger to leave the room was fortunate to pop off a round from his M79 Grenade Launcher, killing the first S.A.S. member to enter the room. All that was left was his lower torso, as the upper half became chunky kibbles & bits.


U.S. Rangers: 4/British S.A.S.: 3


Giving a small pause for their fallen comrade, the 3 surviving S.A.S. members gave chase. They were ordered to keep the documentation out of anybody else's hands, and they were determined to follow their orders.


The four Rangers were quickly running through the hall. Now that they had the documentation, they now have to make it back to the south beach & leave. They made it so a small guard room just seconds later. Three of them quickly exited the building, while the last one stopped to catch a very quick breath. Before he could open the door and leave, an S.A.S. soldier unleashed a barrage of lead from his C8-Carbine, creating swiss cheese out of his target.


U.S. Rangers: 3/British S.A.S.: 3


The three surviving Rangers heard what happened, but there was nothing they could have done. Getting off the island with the documentation was their only priority.


5 Minutes later, they were back in the jungle. Now that there environment was in a natural setting, they had to be on the look for the enemy, just incase they somehow managed to catchup with them, or ahead of them. As they were walking along the trail, they failed to noticed that someone was watching them from the trees, holding a M72 LAW in his hands. He was following them through the sights, and just when things were right, he pulled the trigger. The rocket flew out as quick as a cheetah, but the shot didn't go quite as planned. Once they heard the rocket, the Rangers began to hightail it. Two of the Rangers managed to get ahead of the rocket, but the last one was too slow to escape it. A second later, the rocket landed onto it's target, talking him out in a devastating blast.


U.S. Rangers: 2/British S.A.S.: 3


The two Rangers saw red mist floating in the air as they turned around. Suddenly, one of them saw a piece of metal fall from a tree, and aimed his M79 Grenade Launcher. He loaded a shell into the chamber, then fired. The grenade flew towards the tree, then exploded into a shrapnel-laced fireball. A moment later, they saw a mutilated body fall from the tree, slaming down onto the jungle floor.


U.S. Rangers: 2/British S.A.S.: 2


Satisfied that their target was taken out, then continued to run along the pathway towards the beach. As they were moving, gunshots from behind began to swirl past them. They couldn't risk turning around and firing back, especially since their number with at a dangerous low, so running was their only option later.


10 minutes later, they were close to the beach, as they could hear the waves & the seagulls flying overhead. They couldn't stop, especially since they were so close. The gunfire had stopped for a while, but they were still cautious. Just when they were getting closer, the gunfire came back. One of the bullets handed straight into a Ranger's shoulder, who tumbled to the ground. Running back, his comrade made sure thay he wasn't injured. The documents were shoved straight at him, which prompted him to take them. "Get out of here." his comrade said. "Keep those documents safe!"


His friend nodded. He took the M79, and continued to run towards the beach. Gunfire was still coming his way, but none of it hit him. The fallen Ranger, taking out his M9 Beretta, crawled to a tree so he could get a better view of the incoming assailants. As they came into view, the fallen Ranger began taking shots at them. Two of his shot managed to hand right into the chest of one of the oncoming soldiers, who quickly fell to the ground in a lifeless heap. Unfortunately, the other soldier came in, and lit his body up like a Christmas tree.


U.S. Rangers: 1/British S.A.S.: 1


5 minutes later, the last S.A.S. member arrived on the south beach, and saw the boat that the Rangers came in on. Right next to it was the documentation box, safe and sound. He quickly scanned the area for any signs of traps, but there were none to be found. He walked over to the document, grabbed it, and jumped into boat. He started the enging, and began to float away. Just before he could get away, he saw the last Ranger appear out of the jungle. He adjusting his angle, and fired off a grenade. It flew towards the boat, and hit the engine. The explosion blasted bits of plastic & body parts right into the water.


"Rangers!" the last survivor shouted out, with the documents safe on his body.


U.S. Rangers: 1/British S.A.S.: 0


U.S. Ranger: 518

M9 Beretta: 15

M4-Carbine: 101

M24 Sniper Rifle: 47

M79 Grenade Launcher: 355


British S.A.S.: 482

P226 Sig Sauer: 42

C8-Carbine: 98

L96A1 Sniper Rifle: 54

M72-LAW: 288


Final Examination: This was an incredibly close one, but the ingenuity & skill of the Rangers made them the deadliest warrior of this fight.


Strongest Weapon: The launchers on both sides are the strongest weapons. The M72-LAW brought in 288 kills, while the M79 gained an incredible 355 kills.


Weakest Weapon: The M9 Beretta is the weakest weapon of the fight. It's a fine pistol, but it's accuracy is sometimes brought into question.


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