A Polaroid Camera for the 21st Century

January 14, 2009

Polaroid cameras were great in the time before digital cameras because they gave you instant satisfaction.  Take a picture, and see it in a few minutes.  The quality wasn’t always great, but it turned out pretty good party pics. Then digital cameras came along and let everybody see every pic they take instantly on the LCD screen.  This was nice except that it created roving flocks of sorority girls who stopped in the middle of walkways at apparently random times to see if their faces looked fat. 

Now there is a happy middle ground.


The Polaroid Pogo is a digital camera that at once lets you see the picture you just took on an LCD screen, but also prints decent-quality pics out of it onto 2x3-inch photos that have sticky backs for posting on fridges and foreheads.  It’ll be available in March of 2009 for $200.