Joaquin Phoenix is Professionally High

February 12, 2009

Joaquin Phoenix has (supposedly) given up acting, taken up rapping, and apparently lost all contact with reality through a delicately balanced cocktail of every pharmaceutical known to mankind. Letterman pokes a little fun at him, but it’s kind of like poking fun at an Iberian slug.  You can come up with the wittiest, most cutting remark in the world, and all it and Joaquin will do is sort of gum at the air in front of them.  Occasionally they appear…almost human.  It’s uncanny.


Some people are saying that this is an Andy Kaufman-style hoax – that it’s some kind of meta-performance.  Interesting.  I think that I will start meta-doing my job from home, super high, in my bed, naked.  It’s art! Hand to God!