Michael Erving Sucks

July 1, 2009

As a longtime Cowboys fan, and a Erving fan, I was extremely disappointed in Ervings decision to cut mcgann.  The boy earned a spot and because he was on Jerry Rice's team, michael cut him.  What a coward you are Mr. Erving.  I am a 5'8" slow white boy who can't jump and would love to put the pads on and crush you.  I can't make the cowboys roster, but I can show you what a real man should act like.  Just because you can't fill the shoes of Jerry Rice, doesn't mean you should take it out on the young men trying to earn a spot on the cowboys roster.  I got something for your show.   Set up something that you and I can compete in and if I win, McGann comes back and if I lose, I will apologize for my statements and go through a complete day of training with the guys trying to make the roster.  Come on Michael.  Up for a challenge.