New Wall-E Trailer, Pixar Love

June 5, 2008



In the newest Wall-E trailer we get to see real live people. And, we get new robots!  This is odd and awesome, respectively. Pixar is so cute I can barely take it. But, I’m redlining my cute engine, and it was designed by pixie scientists to withstand the high-revving cuteness of my day-to-day life, so that’s saying something.

Check it out as /film, then we’ll talk…you’re back.  The new robots, right?!  Eeeeeeee!  I want one!  I said it when I was 7 when I wanted a bunny from the pet store, and I’m saying it now. And is it me (no, it's you, too)? EVE is kinda foxy. 

Also, think about real people.  That sentence sounds loftier than it is, I'm talking about them being in Wall-E.  Disney/Pixar is blurring my lines of reality as if I’m a man on an ether binge.  In Disneyworld, you can go on a ride in a giant clamshell in which underwater holograms of Nemo and friends swim around with actually, fleshy fishes.  It’s amazing, and I find myself expecting to talk to sharks.  This is not necessarily as bad as you might think.