Ashley Alexandra Dupre Has a Super Hot Mom

June 11, 2008


The $4,000-a-night call girl that toppled the career of former New York Governor Eliot Spitzer is back in the spotlight and she’s brought along her mom. Ashley Alexandra Dupre was spotted at a ritzy New Jersey Beach over the weekend sporting a sexy bikini and showing off her money-making curves. Also soaking in the sun was Ashley's mother, the superhot 46-year-old MILF Carolyn Capalbo.Ashley and her mom look more like sisters than mother and daughter.  This probably infuriates Ashley.  No one wants to compete with their mothers. No girl wants guys checking out their mom more than themselves.  This could help explain why Ashley veered off into the world of high class prostitution.  Ashley must be cool with her mom now as they are both wearing matching sunglasses and earrings, which is adorable if you are into that type of thing.

Also on show was Dupre's butterfly tattoo, "clearly visible below her belly button with the Latin phrase tutela valui." A lot of chit chat has been made about what Ashley’s tattoo actually means. Earlier in the year, the Wall Street Journal said that it meant “fair value” - which is hilarious. All prostitutes should have this type of rating, just so you know if you’re getting value for money or plainly getting ripped off.

Another blogger states that the tattoo translates to “teaching makes me strong”. However, according New York Magazine, both translations are wrong:

“‘Tutela’ is a ‘custodian, safeguard, defense’ — something like that,” he said. “It can mean a lot of things. ‘Protection’ is a good translation. ‘Valui’ means ‘I was strong,’ literally. This is the exact translation I can give you, ‘I was strong by means of a keeper, by means of safety.’... “I guess on some weird level, if you wanted to translate it into some modern sense of the word, You could say, ‘I used protection.’”

So Ashley is kind of smart and has a sense of humor – which are all great qualities. But you know where the smart genes come from...they come from your mother.

That’s one more think Ashley's mom has over her.