David Fincher Collaborating with Seven Writer Again

November 9, 2009

It's been a long time since Seven exploded on screens back in 1995 and showed us what the young David Fincher had in store for us. Now he's collaborating with the writer of that film again to do a remake of the adaptation of the novel The Reincarnation of Peter Proud by Max Ehrlich.

The Hollywood Reporter tells us this about the project:

Proud centers on a college professor who begins having recurring dreams and nightmares and, realizing they are images of a past life, decides to search out the source of the visions. With his girlfriend in tow, he discovers a woman and her grown-up daughter who are keys to his past life.

The supernatural thriller drew heat for a subplot involving incest.

Reincarnation? Past lives? Incest? This sounds like material that's best handled by Fincher, a director who seems most comfortable handling darker stories. The Curious Case of Benjamin Button was one of the more uplifting films he's ever directed.

Andrew Kevin Walker wrote Seven and is set to write this film, as well.

It's interesting that this novel was adapted into a movie back in 1974 (and starred Michael Sarrazin and Margot Kidder); it didn't seem to weather the years, as most people haven't seen it.

But this seems like a project much better suited to Fincher than his current film, The Social Network, which follows the founders of Facebook as they create the most popular social network in the world. Hard to see where that's going to go, or who is going to want to watch geeks quibble amongst themselves, fighting over billions of dollars for two hours.

But The Reincarnation of Peter Proud might just get Fincher back on track.

Source: Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images