Comanches vs. Mongol Warrior / Whaaat!!!!!

July 29, 2010


I was a huge fan of the "Deadliest Warriors" show. This season's episode Comanches vs. Mongol Warrior was nothing but screwup (intentionally?). There's no way in hell Mongol warrior would lose to Comanche. Please understand that I have a lot of respect for native Americans. But as a native Mongolian, fan of show and history geek, I would like to point out that:

 1. Whatta horrible casting for Mongols? Why the hell they chose Vietnamese guy for weapon's expert for Mongol warriors. Don't get me wrong I don't have anything against those "jungle" Asians and Jason wasn't that bad, but it should have been called "Comanches vs. Vietnamese substitute for Mongol warrior". Well, at least Jason was fluent in English and debating with team "Comanche" for my people. 


Where the hell did they found the Mongolian guy who can barely speaks English and can't make intelligent argument with the other team and can't do a thing.


I've heard DW was doing casting for Mongol Weapon's Expert among the Mongolian Community in LA area back in Feb I think. I know a lot of Mongols in Denver area who can shoot arrow from horseback or ride horse like a Mongol. The reason I am pissed about Jason's horsemanship is well it's not  Mongol way of riding a horse.


Stirrups are extremely important  for Mongols as they ride their horse in stand-up position while horse is galloping. Even today, when we ride horse we hardly ever sit on the saddle unless horse is slowly walking. This type of riding style gives the real "EDGE" for mounted archery. Not only stable, this technical advantage made it easier for the Mongol archers to turn their upper body, and shoot in all directions, including backwards. Mongol warriors would time the loosing of an arrow to the moment when a galloping horse would have all four feet off the ground, thus ensuring a extra steady, well-aimed shot. This horse archery skill that perfected in thousands of years and combined with Mongol composite bow made us the REAL DW. 

2. The Mongol bow showed on the show looked smaller than the one we still use today for national festivals.

3. Why oh why they didn't have the Mongol Lance? We had a lance called Morin Jad or Horse Lance. It was really long and effective weapon that proven in the history against European knights and Middle Eastern Cataphracts. Also, glaive looked much shorter and smaller than the ones I saw at Mongolian History Museum in Ulaanbaatar. It was so huge and long and I thought it kind a makes sense if you fight from the horse back and reach ability is important.

4. I don't hate Comanches. 

I bet they were great warriors for a society of hunter/gatherers. Maybe not good enough like Aztecs, Mayans, or Incas, who actually conquered, administered and functioned as a real nation.

Comanches were excellent horsemen for the people who actually used horses for warfare effectively for like a what, a little over century? 


The image of Comanches romanticized in western movies for generations, and that was possibly deciding factor for victory here. 

Well, it was only a show and although represented by Vietnamese expert (decent one) and a numbnuts Mongol, I am glad that people get to know about some history of our people.