UFC 103: The All-American Live Blog

September 19, 2009

A week of great fights is about to come to an end, but not before UFC 103 explodes at the American Airlines Arena in Dallas, TX. I’ll be bringing you all the hits, starting with the great matchup of Vladimir Matyushenko vs. Igor Pokrajac. Don’t forget to tune in to Spike at 9ET/6PT for the live, free, and uninterrupted broadcast of two great undercard fights in Drew McFedries vs. Tomasz Drwal and Efrain Escudero vs. Cole Miller.

Vladimir Matyushenko Vs. Igor Pokrajac

You had to see this one coming… Back in Black is already blaring over the PA but just to throw you for a loop it’s Igor’s song not Vlad’s. Vlad chose some Motley Crue-likesong, which I don’t recognize but is still awesome.

Round 1:

Straight right from Vlad nails him right in the nose. It’s like he didnt even see it coming. Igor is rubbing his right eye, he might have gotten poked. The action stales and the crowd here in Dallas is not shy about sharing their feelings. Igor goes on the offensive and tags Vlad once, sending him running back. He hits him with a good right and Vlad falls onto the fence. He goes low and grabs a leg for a takedown. He gets but wants this fight to go on the feet. Igor just lays on back, so Vlad goes back to the ground. VLad gets to side control, into the full mount. He’s firing but Igor hips him off and gets reversal.

Round 2:

Vlad has some pretty good marks on his right eye and nose. Igor goes for a Thai clinch and VLad doesn’t like it. He muscles out of it and sends off a left hook to teach him a lesson. Vlad is now opening up and landing punches almost at will. Lefts and rights are hurts Igor. And he can’t keep him off. Vlad locks up over-under hooks against the cage and launched Igor head over feet in a lateral drop. He’s in side control hammering punches. Now into mount, but Igor is able to slide a leg in and kick Vlad off. Vlad comes back, into Igor’s guard. He moves back to side control without too much trouble. And back to mount. He’s got an armlock. Looks like an Americana, but Igor fights out of it and gives up his back. Igor finds his way back to his knees, but Vlad won’t let up.

Round 3:

Igor sends off a body kick but VLad reads it and times an overhand right perfectly and tags him. They lock up in the center of the cage and Vlad slips. Igor tries to capitalize, but Vlad’s wrestling it too string and he ends up reversing for a takedown of his own. With over-under hooks again, Igor is able to trip Vlad, but Vladimir rolls him and gets a reversal. The Janitor rides out the rest of the round in Igor’s guard.

*Sorry about the time-out there. A few technical difficulties here at the arean, but things seem to be working now.

Vlad gets the unanimous decision.

Eliot Marshall Vs. Jason Brilz

Yesterday at the weigh-ins “The Fire” Marshal had this childish grin across his face, making it look like he’s really enjoying his new rockstasr lifestyle. Let’s see how much he enjoys it after a few rounds with Brilz.

Round 1:

Starts pretty slow with some feeling out on both ends and Brilz up getting Marshal against the fence and holding him there for a while. Marshal breaks out but Brilz pins him again. Marshal lands a quick jab. Brilz answers with some feelers of his. Own. Pretty slow first round, let’s hope the second picks up a bit.

Round 2:

Marshal fires a head kick that gets blocked. Brilz has Marshal’s leg and is going for a takedown but he’s not really doing much. Marshal breaks free. Then Brilz grabs his leg again. Marshal breaks free and lands a combo. Brilz gets Marshal pinned against the cage and lands a ridiculous knee right into Marshal’s balls. He looks upset with himself. Marshal takes a breather and Brilz comes back into action firing away. He has Marshal on the run, Marshal cuts the corner and lands a left that gets him out of trouble. Brilz shoots in for a takedown and has Marshal’s leg down on the mat, but Elliot keeps his balance and makes his way back to the feet.  

Round 3:

Brilz is still looking for takedowns but can’t get anything. Brilz lands a nice right hand. Brilz misses with another right and Marshal catches him off balance and tags him. The action is picking up now. Doesn’t look like either guy wants this going to the score cards. Brilz is getting the better of the exchanges, but Marshal is holding strong but no one is landing anything that will end this. as the 10-second marker sounds, they unload everything they’ve got on each other. The final bell rings and the crowd is unhappy with the performance.

Rick Story Vs. Brian Foster

Round 1:

Major change of pace and these guys are out of the gates like bulls. Each man throwing and landing bombs.  Brian Foster launches Story with a throw. There’s a lot of blood, looks like it’s coming from Story’s nose. Story is on top now, in half guard. Story gets up and drops on a bomb on Foster, who was waiting on the mat. They’re both up and Story lands a huge right, Foster answers with his own.

Round 2:

Foster misses with a giant head kick. Story grabs a leg and gets a takedown. From the guard, Story lands a mean elbow. Foster locks up an arm triangle. It doesn’t look very tight and Foster fights it for a while but he taps at 1:09 anyway. I guess it was pretty tight.

After the fight, Joe Rogan tells him it might have been the first arm triangle victory from inside the guard. Story’s first UFC victory is a memorable one and with a nickname like “Horror” Story, this coule be a guy we’re talking about for a long time.

Rafaello Oliveira Vs. Nik Lentz

Round 1:

Both guys are throwing with everything they’ve got but nothing is landing. Oliveira dives in for a takedown and scores. Nik looks for a guillotine but Oliveira breaks out. Back on the feet, Oliveira tags Nik. Nik ducks another attack and goes for a takedown. They end up on the mat, but no one has a dominant position. They gets back to the feet, still locked up and Nik sinks in another guillotine. This one is tight, but Oliveira slams him to the mat and breaks free. They’re back on the feet and Oliveira is firing. Nik now lands three nice unanswered shots. Nik gets a slamming takedown to end the round. 

Round 2:

More fireworks open the round and Oliveira falls to his back. Nik lands a few nice shots from his feet. Nik is on the offensive now stalking his opponent. Oliveira gets another takedown. He’s almost in full mount, but he isn’t able to improve his position and Nik gets back to his feet. Nik has some good blood going around his mouth.

Round 3

Oliveira gets a takedown. He’s raining fists on Nik, but Nik looks OK. He gets back to his feet. Now Nick gets a double-leg takedown. He tried to mount a few times but couldn’t get there and now seems content to sit in his guard. He;s active again, looking for something. He’s not quite in half guard right now, but he’s postured up and able to lands punches, which he does.

Nik gets the unanimous decision.

Jim Miller Vs. Steve Lopez

Round 1:

A right from Lopez, a leg kick from Miller. A left-right from Miller. A right from Miller tags Lopea and drops him to the canvas but he gets right back up. With an uppercut, Lopez is swinging for the fences. Miller got an eye pole, but the ref didn’t see it. A headkick stings Lopez. Miller gets another one in the eye. Miller tags Lopez with a some really hard blows and Lopez is in trouble. He’s able to get height and grabs Miller’s head for a guillotine. He’s squeezing with everything he’s got but it’s not really a guillotine. He just his arm around his neck. Still he cranking it. Miller’s jiu Jitsu it too good to go out from a faux guillotine like that. He pops his head and Lopez unloads everything he’s got. Miller gives up his back, but only for a moment and gets back to his feet.

Round 2:

Lopez throws a left, then a right and inexplicably grabs his shoulder. Miller throws up his arms in protest, but no one seems to know what happened. It doesn’t look like there are any hard feelings between the two as the doctor comes in to take a look at the arm. He’s waving it off and this fight is over. Bruce Buffer calls it a TKO, but it’s still unclear exactly what the injury is.

We’re about 20 minutes away from Spike’s live broadcast of the undercard. So I’m signing off this blog and staring a new one more the main event action. Click here for further results.