NFL Rookie Nearly Arrested for Donut Theft

June 9, 2010

Even though Seattle Seahawks wide receiver Golden Tate hasn’t had an opportunity to display what he can do on a football field, the highly-touted rookie did show the security team at a local donut shop that silly things like “regular store hours” and “please don’t steal from us” signs aren’t going to stop him from achieving his goals.

Over the weekend Tate and a friend really wanted to taste a maple bar from the Top Pot Donut shop in Seattle after a night on the town.

Unfortunately, the store doesn’t cater to the 24-hour community and was closed. This, however, didn't stop Tate and his equally driven accomplice.

The two simply walked through an open door and helped themselves. One witness gave a pretty positive account of the whole event.

“The two of them are drunk and being retarded,” the unnamed source claimed on her 911 call before asking if the police could please “make sure people aren't coming in here stealing (stuff)."

Tate later apologized and avoided facing criminal trespassing charges because the Seattle Police Department understands how badly the Seahawks need to improve their passing game next season.

Photo: Doug Benc/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images