Mantenna - Tuesday, February 17

February 17, 2009

Jessica Simpson shows off her tremendous rack for Valentine's Day, Ridley Scott shares some news about his upcoming Robin Hood, and Chrysler brings the Fiat to American's the Mantenna!

Source: The Blemish

Politician Resigns Over Nude Photos

A high ranking Malaysian female politician has resigned after nude photographs of her were leaked to the internet. The saucy pictures show Elizabeth Wong, of the People’s Justice Party, sleeping naked. They were taken, without her knowledge, by an ex-boyfriend. In resigning she said, “I have done nothing wrong. I wish to state that I am not ashamed of my sexuality as a woman and as a single person. I have broken no law.” Fighting back tears, she stated she was resigning to protect her party. [BBC News]

Tony Romo Takes Jessica's Jugs Out for Valentine’s Day

Jessica Simpson’s recent weight gain has done amazing things for her bustline. The singer’s breasts have never looked better. Her boyfriend, Tony Romo, took Jessica and her luscious hush puppies out for a fancy Valentine’s Day dinner at New York City’s Waverly Inn. I bet he didn't even bother eating. He probably just watched Jessica guzzle down gravy, then took her back to his place for dessert. [The Blemish]

Pirate Bay Trial Begins in Sweden

The four guys responsible for administering The Pirate Bay, the site responsible for over 50% of illegal file sharing, are standing trial in Stockholm, Sweden against no less than Warner Bros., Columbia, MGM, and a variety of other gigantic corporations.  The trial could go on for as long as three weeks, and the lead prosecutor had this to say about the accused: "It's a trial regarding four individuals that have conducted a big commercial business making money out of others file sharing...copyright protected works." Judging by their smiling pictures over at Wired, we don’t think they’re too worried. [Wired]

Wii Get’s Nirvana’s Nevermind

This week on the Nintendo Wii’s online marketplace, you can download tracks from Nirvana’s album Nevermind.  Don’t get too excited, though.  Among the tracks that you can’t download are "Come as You Are" and "Smells like Teen Spirit."  You’ll have to save your angsty, mainstream Nirvana brood rock for a later date or get over yourself and play the AC/DC track list again. [Joystiq]

Obama’s Elf Remix

Think that President Obama is too good to be true? Do you secretly suspect that there are alternative, perhaps magical forces at work behind this political golden boy?  CollegeHumor might agree with you, and they’re letting you know by posting this impossible-to-predict-by-the-title digital short called Obama’s Elf. [CollegeHumor]

Ridley Talks Robin


Gareth Davies/Getty Images

Ridley Scott, the director of the Robin Hood film that’s in never-ending development, revealed some key details about the project recently. The cast is going to include (other than Russell Crowe) Oscar Isaac, Vanessa Redgrave, William Hurt, Saoirse Ronan, and Cate Blanchett. Scott said that the Sheriff of Nottingham is going to be a much smaller part than originally conceived. About the focus of the film he said, “It is better to simply have the evolution of a character called Robin Hood, who will come out of a point in the Crusades which is the end.” Hmm, sounds like pretty meaty stuff for a movie about a man in tights. [/Film]

Suge Knight Got His Ass Beat
For the second time in nine months, Suge Knight has gotten some punches to the face and the alleged man who beat the ex-Death Row CEO down claims to be Akon's business manager. It all went down in a private party at the W Hotel in Scottsdale, Arizona where Suge was attending a private party for NBA All-Star weekend. According to the Scottsdale Police Department, when cops arrived, they saw a man punch Suge two times in the head and officers had to break out the Tazers to stop the chaos. [TMZ]

Fiat 500, European Car of the Year, Headed to the U.S. in 2010

It looks like the Mini Cooper is finally going to have some real competition in the U.S. The new alliance between Fiat and Chrysler spells good news for both parties, but in this particular situation, Chrysler’s definitely reaping some major benefits. The Fiat 500, which was named “European Car of the Year” for 2008, is headed to U.S. shores, post-haste. Initially it was thought that the Fiats would be getting into U.S. showrooms after some major retrofitting had been done to Chrysler’s American auto plants. But the plan now is to simply have the cars built in Europe and shipped to America in the meantime, to be sold at select Dodge-Chrysler-Jeep dealerships. Additionally, it’s been reported that Fiat is considering Chrysler’s LX platform (currently used for the Charger and the 300C) as a platform for the upcoming Alfa Romeo 169. [worldcarfans]

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