The NHL Actually Has an Awards Ceremony and it's Downright Hilarious (by Canadian Standards)

June 29, 2010

Professional hockey’s least financially stable league recently held a quaint ceremony in Las Vegas to celebrate the achievements of its most talented – yet largely unrecognizable – stars. A Swedish gentleman with ginger hair won the MVP award and a dude with no teeth took home something called the Norris Trophy (possibly named after Chuck Norris). The best part, however, was a knee-slapping video that shows the dark underbelly of Canadian arrogance.

For some reason, Goodwill Games gold medalist Charlie Conway did not make a cameo, but the clip turned out rather well despite a complete lack of triple deaks and Gordon Bombay references.

As both a Canadian and massive hockey fan, I must admit, it’s nice to see that somebody has found a way to make the gold medal victory even more entertaining.