Mantenna - Thursday, January 8

January 8, 2009

The Dark Knight cleans up at the People's Choice Awards, new photos from Watchmen, and why a visit to Starbucks might cut down on your gasoline's the Mantenna!

New Watchmen Photos

A new slew of Watchmen photos are here, get ‘em while they’re hot – who knows how long the legal battle between Warner Bros. and Fox is going to continue. At this point the fate of Watchmen’s release is in the hands of Judge Gary A. Feess. Warners would like Feess to move the trial to Monday and let the judgment begin, but now it’s the law vs. the studios. In other Watchmen news, a viral site for the film is going to hit the web next week – you can find it at Until then, enjoy every bit of Watchmen goodness that comes your way; this might be all we ever see of this potential franchise. []

Dark Knight Cleans Up at The People’s Choice Awards

The Dark Knight definitely wasn’t snubbed at the People’s Choice Awards this year. It nabbed awards for Favorite Superhero (Christian Bale, strangely, but not Heath Ledger), Favorite Onscreen Matchup (Bale and Ledger), Favorite Movie and Favorite Action Movie. Will Dark Knight do this well at the Oscars? Hard to say. If anyone wins an award for their acting it will likely be Ledger, though it’s highly improbable that it will come close to Best Picture or Best Director. Only time will tell, though. [Hollywood Reporter]

Naked Man Arrested at Wal-Mart

A man from small town Covington, Gorgia apparently got confused earlier this week as he was looking for his local MMA gym to “practice his tap outs” and ended up outside a Wal-Mart looking for a fight in the parking lot… nude. Reportedly, he stripped off his Sunday best and stood around the lot looking for passers by who were interested in some wrasslin', au naturel. When asked why he wasn’t wearing any pants, the response was simple: he knew he could find a fight if he were naked. Seemingly solid logic, I just have to wonder what the plan was once the fight hit ground, and by ground of course I mean hot, coarse, broken glass-covered pavement of the parking lot. Yikes! [Covington News]

Obama Puts the Brakes on Forced Digital TV

President-elect Barack Obama has asked Congress to stop the shut down on analog TV broadcasts, due on February 17th. The main two reasons: "Inadequate funding" and problems with the converter box program. Additionally, John Podesta, co-chair of the Obama-Biden transition team, requested that "the cut-off date for analog signals should be reconsidered and extended." Which makes perfect sense. I mean, imagine the hordes of angry roly poly-shaped people pounding on the doors of the White House when their rabbit-eared sets stop working less than a month after Obama takes office. Smart move, fellas. Smart move. [Broadcasting & Cable]

Fill 'er Up...with Ethiopian Blend!


If researchers at the University of Nevada prove successful, America's growing caffeine addiction may have at least one major plus side. Apparently, used coffee grounds are between 10 and 15 percent oil, and that's a potential source of energy. Even better, the oil is apparently easy to extract, so experts suggest that the resulting biodiesel could be priced as low as $1 dollar a gallon, which is quite a bit better than what petroleum-based diesel fuel is selling for, even after recent price drops. Adios OPEC, hello Starbucks! [Consumer Energy Report]

French Parking Meters Call Cops When Time's Up

Around 60 French municipalities have installed a system developed by an engineering company that detects the presence of vehicles and alerts police if drivers stay over their allotted time. The meters create magnetic fields capable of registering the metal mass of vehicles. They have a direct computer link to a police station. Bummer. [FOX News]

Phish Announce Reunion Tour Dates

Phish have confirmed their summer reunion tour, the band’s first in five years since splitting in 2004. The tour will begin June 4-5 at Jones Beach in Wantagh, New York. The group, which resumed rehearsals this week after some November sessions, is strongly rumored to also be performing for the first time at the Bonnaroo festival in Manchester, Tennesssee. That event will be held June 11-14, coinciding with a gap between the Asheville show on June 9th and the St. Louis show on June 16th. The Bonnaroo lineup will be announced February 3rd. [Billboard]

Nine Inch Nails Offer Free HD Show Footage

After releasing two albums directly to the internet last year, Nine Inch Nails frontman Trent Reznor has recently dropped free high-def footage, in torrent form, of three shows from the band's recent Lights in the Sky tour. The shows up for download: December 5th in Victoria, December 7th in Portland, and December 12th in Sacramento. Sweetness. []

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