Cuban Revolutionaries vs. South korean army

December 28, 2010

Beginning assessment:  The cuban revolutionaries, blood thirsty rebels who waged a bloody revolution led by fidel castro and overthrew their government vs. the south korean army the army that rose after the korean war to defend the remaining democratic korea, who is deadliest?

I'm gonna to provide links to most guns shooting that I think are interesting if they don't work then sorry.

Cuban Revolutionaries:

Close range: CZ-75 pistol

Mid range: Skorpion vz 61

Long range: AK-47

Explosive: SPG-9 recoilless rifle

South korean army:

Close range: Daewoo K5

Medium range: Daewoo K7

Long range: Daewoo k2 rifle

Explosive: Daewoo K4 automatic grenade launcher

CZ75: The CZ75 automatic pistol. In a sense it's similar to the mauser C96 because it's a machine pistol. yes the cz-75 can be used on fully automatic. It fires both .40 S+W ammo or 9x19mm parabellum. It has an effective range of 50 meters (which is sustained on full auto). Heres a link to the cz75 on full auto if anyones curious.

Daewoo k5: Like every other weapon the koreans have the gun is made by daewoo. It only fires 9mm rounds is semi automatic holds up to 12 shots and has a effective range of 50 meters.

Edge: After viewing info it's obvious which one is superior. The k5 is good but the CZ-75 is better. The CZ-75 can fire larger ammo and has fully automatic capabilities. It's superior rate of fire and fire power earns it the edge.

Skorpion vz 61: The KGB's weapon of choice as we saw. It's czechoslokian and fires .32 rounds, 9mm rounds or .38 rounds. It holds 10 shots or 20 shots max. It has an effective range of 25 meters as well in .32 acp.

Daewoo K7: A less known smg. It holds 30 shots, only fires 9mm rounds and has an effective range of 150 meters. It was made in 2003 so it is a very recent gun. Here's it shooting you'll notice a problem with it's recoil.

Edge: I think this is obvious. The Skorpion does have a higher caliber but these are automatic weapons so your usually shooting someone multiple times. In which case the 9mm is still lethal. Also the K7 fires 1,100 rounds a minute although the skorpion fires a good 900. The K7 fires 125 meters farther than the skorpion. It's obvious the K7 has an edge.

AK-47: This is the worlds most famous assault rffle despite arguements the m16 is more famous. It's known for it's insane durability. It has great fire power firing 7.62 rounds that can blow off limbs as we saw on somali pirates vs. medellin drug cartel. It fires around 600 rounds a minute and can hold up to 75 shots.

Daewoo K2: This is the standard korean rifle. It fires 5.56 nato rounds at 700 rpm and has an effective range of up to 600 meters. Here's a link of it shooting,

Edge: Both of these are different: The K2 shoots faster and has twice as much range as the ak47. The ak47 has more power and is more durable. This is going to be called a draw (I'll decide which off the two is going to be more effective later). Here's a video of both being hip fired.

SPG-9: The Revolutionaries had their own soviet made launcher. It fires 73 mm explosives can fire up to 6 rounds a minute and has a range of 800 meters although it weighs 105 pounds and 131 pounds with the tripod. heres a video of it firing

Daewoo k4 automatic grenade launcher: This gun is much newer than the SPG-9. It weighs about 79 pounds. It fires 34 mm explosives at 350 rounds a minute. It fires up to 1500 meters (wow!).

Edge: I looked at footage of each of these shooting. It was obvious the SPG-9 had a far bigger explosion. But the MK19 shot faster and has greate range. Plus with the K4 your shooting so many grenades if you don't hit them the first time you just shoot again. The K4 gets the edge for being lighter, shooting faster and having much greater range.

Again the battle isn't supposed to be impressive.

5 Koreans walk into a small town on an island. It's covered with huts they look around not seeing anyone. Across the town a team of 5 revolutionaries aim a SPG-9 at the koreans. One korean looks and sees the launcher being pointed at them and they run. However 2 of the koreans aren't fast enough and are killed. Koreans=3 Cubans=5

The koreans run into a hut. They see the cubans trying to reload their SPG-9. They mount their grenade launcher and begin spraying grenades at the cubans. The cubans run abandoning their position with the SPG-9. One grenade lands within a foot of a cuban killing him. Koreans=3 Cubans=4

The cubans run into a hut only 50 feet away from the koreans hut. One korean goes to reload his grenade launcher but is shot in the head by a 7.62 round. The other koreans duck. The Cubans charge again determined. They spray in the direction of the koreans. One korean grabs his k7 and sprays out the window. A shot few shots hit one of the charging cubans who was reloading killing him. Koreans=2 Cubans=3

The cubans run to the hut and kick open the door. The first one has his skorpion. He enters but is shot in the head by a K5 pistol. The other 2 cubans charge in. One Korean tackles one. However that korean is shot repetitively by a cz75 and killed. Korean=1 Cuban=2

The Cuban who just shot the korean goes to reload his pistol while the other who was tackled gets back up and scrambles for his ak47. The Korean grabs his K2 and kills the first scrambling one. He raises it to kill the second but he runs away. The korean pursues and runs outside but sees no one. The Korean runs out from behind and tackles the korean. The cuban takes his cz75 and aims it down the mouth of the korean. The korean rolls over and knocks the cz75 away. He locks his hands around the Cuban and chokes him to death. Koreans=1 Cubans=0

Winner: South korean army

South korean army: 607

K5: 33

K7: 116

K2: 265

K4: 193

Cuban Revolutionaries: 393

CZ75: 61


Ak47: 158

SPG-9: 85

Ending Assessment: I feel kind of stupid for making this match up. I figured the cuban revolutionaries who were able to overthrow their own government could take a modern day warrior. However the south koreans amazing technology with weapons like the k4 and k2 were just to punishing. The revolutionaries like of modern weaponary lost them the match.