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Maxwell’s Digital Trends Report

by Kevin Marshall   June 06, 2013 at 10:00AM  |  Views: 75,769

A lot of digital trends have come and gone since the last Guys Choice. Luckily we're here to show you which ones hit the biggest so that you can appear to be the cutting edge, in-the-know guy on top of the latest tech, trends, apps, and internet inside jokes.

So what trends dominated since we last handed out the Mantlers?

Crowdsourcing made the dreams of independent artists and fans of cult TV shows come true.

Over the course of the last year, we found out that all you really need is five seconds.

Candy Crush Saga
We probably don't have to tell you much about this since you're probably playing it right now. HEY! PAY ATTENTION!

Siri & Voice Control
Siri was a major selling point for the new iPhone, but as we saw at the recent XBOX One Reveal, voice control will also be a big part of the next generation of gaming consoles. You'll see more of it at E3, and only Spike can bring it to you as the official broadcaster for the biggest gaming event of the year. Coverage starts on Monday, June 10th at noon Eastern, 9am Pacific on Spike and streaming online Spike.com and Gametrailers.com.

Grumpy Cat
It may seem silly, but this meme exploded in the last year and the appearance of the actual Grumpy Cat was the talk of SXSW Interactive. Now the cat actually has its own movie deal, from the producer of "Paul Blart: Mall Cop" and "Here Comes the Boom." That should that frown upside down.

The Second Screen Experience
Faced with a shrinking audience, television had to find a new way to engage viewers. They found it with apps that enhance the viewing experience, including the critically acclaimed Bellator App. #ShamelessPlug

Google Glass
Is this the next logical step after smart phones or is it an intrusive device that will record us unknowingly? Only time will tell. Okay, Glass, record an embarrassing moment at the bar!