10 Questions with Josh Lewis of “Repo Games”

April 18, 2011
Ever wonder what it’d be like to be a repo man? Well, in honor of our new show Repo Games, airing Tuesdays at 11/10c, we got a chance to pose 10 questions to the guys who usually ask the questions. Check out highlights from our interview with Repo host Josh Lewis below. (And look out for our interview with Josh’s other half, Tom DeTone, in the coming days!)

1) What’s the craziest repossession story you’ve had so far while filming Repo Games?

There were quite a few vicious dogs in Dallas. I rolled up to this one cat’s door, and I introduced myself saying, “there’s a repossession order on your vehicle.” This cat shuts the door, then comes back with the meanest-looking, human flesh-eating pitbull I’ve ever seen. He’s like, “now go ahead and say what you have to say.” Then he told his 5-year-old daughter to go get his shotgun. That’s all on camera.

2) Tell us about the wildest way someone has expressed their gratitude when you let them keep their car.

Last night this dude humped his car! He started humping the rear windshield, which was kind of funny. We’ve been hugged a lot; lots of tears. This Samoan dude – he didn’t even win, but he did his native dance for us.

3) How often do you work out to maintain a threatening physique? Any tips for guys wanting to shape up out there?

Josh Lewis is a beast in the gym. I’m in there at least 5 or 6 times a week. You gotta be disciplined; you can’t slack. You can’t go in there a couple times a week, you can’t go in there and lollygag. You gotta push heavy weight if you want to get big muscles. Stay away from steroids!

4) As a kid, did you ever think you’d be game show host?

I was a big “Jeopardy” fan – I always thought I’d be on “Jeopardy.” But I never watched game shows thinking, “one day I’m gonna be a trivia host.”

5) On Repo Games you get to ask the questions, but could you answer them correctly if you were in the driver’s seat?

Oh, hell yeah! With the quickness. No, seriously, straight up: I’m brilliant. No, I am. I’m really smart.

6) You filmed some shows in Dallas – were the personalities bigger in Texas?

Everything’s bigger in Texas – that includes the personalities. The cats in Dallas are much louder and more flamboyant. They’re more focused on the game and keeping their vehicle.

There were cowboys out there trying to be tough guys. You had gangsters out there on us. Whole neighborhoods even rolled up on us. The initial assumption people have about us is that we’re here to take their cars. But once they hear what we’re all about, the neighborhood rallies around. The family rallies around. It becomes this community event.

7) What kind of advice would you give people to make sure they get those car payments paid off?

Don’t get yourself into something you can’t afford. If you’re only making such-and-such an hour, don’t think you need to go buy a Beamer. If you’re trying to buy a car so you can get laid, you shouldn’t worry about the car you drive. You should worry about your game and the way you look.

8) What’s your ideal set of wheels?

Corvette. And Excursion.

9) What’s the best road trip you’ve ever taken?

When I moved to L.A. and drove across the country. We went to that spot in Amarillo, Texas with the 72-oz steak challenge. I didn’t do it, though – I was with a friend of mine, a female, who was worried I’d get too tired afterwards to stop in Vegas.

10) Which public figure or celebrity’s car would you most like to repossess?

Charlie Sheen. No doubt. ‘Cause that guy’s winning right now. I wanna bring him down to reality a little bit.Repo Games airs Tuesdays at 11/10c on Spike. For more news, photos, clips, full episodes and more, check out repogames.spike.com! Read Josh Lewis' bio here.