Deadliest Warrior Season 3 Matchup: Julius Caesar vs Charlemagne

August 13, 2010

Julius Caesar vs



So if there's a season 3 a good way to start the season off would be with a fight between these larger then life figures

Why: Well it would be a matchup between one of the greatest Roman generals and the greatest frankish king also both these 2 are known for giving birth to their nations ( Caesar changed the republic to an empire, charlemagne forged the frankish empire the first empire in western europe since the fall of rome.)


Short Range:

Caesar: Crocea Mors legendary sword of his. It's an ordinary gladius, but hey they did the same thing for Attila and also Charlemagne has his own legendary weapon

Charle: Joyuese, sword of Charlemagne too is legendary and treasured by the french crown.


Caesar: Hasta Spear used by the roman army


Charlemagne: Francisca Axe, a throwing axe used to break the enemies front line.


Caesar: Pilum ( Heavy javelin) & Veratum ( Short javelin) both used ( especially the pilum) by the roman empire's army

Charle: Bow and Arrow, Charlemagne loved to hunt with this weapon so he would have been skilled with it



Caesar: Pugio dagger used as a last resort by the legionaries

Charle: Weidpraxe, a weapon that looked like a meat cleaver but much sharper

Other Notes:

Small army: since this is a fight between leaders, they should include a small group of men assisting them ( like alexander vs attila)

Caesar: Assited by small group of legionaries who would fight in the common roman style legion with the giant scutum sheild.

Charle: Assited by a small frankish calvary

Armor and Horses: 

Caesar: Julius would have worn the real metal armor of the roman empire the Lorica segmentanta and the Galea helmet caesarwouldn't have used the scutum sheild. Unlike the rest of his army he would have used a horse to command his men

Charle: Like the rest of his franks he would have worn a coat of mail as his armor and like the rest of his men he would have been riding a horse.

X Factor:

Caesar: Caesar is know for his battle wit and his ability to exploit his enemies weakness . In Gaul his quick thinking and planing helped win the battle of Alesia against Vercingetorix. Later during the civil war against Pompey using his opponents vanity against them he told his soldiers  to aim for the faces the nobles saw how disfigured the people in front of them were becoming so they would flee this is just an instantce of his smarts.


Charle: Charlemagne or Charles the Great single handedly forged the frankish army and went undefeated in battle only losing in Spain. He himself began the march for europe to leave the dark ages building an empire, and building libraries and schools for the noble's childrens to learn. 


So those are my thoughs i've got ideas for a whole bunch of more matches:

Spanish Conquestador vs Ottoman Janissary

Inuit Warrior vs Australian Aboriginal

El Salvador Death squads vs Sprska Army

Richard the Lionheart vs Genghis Khan

Napoleon Grande Army vs Washington Continental Army

Saladin vs Yue Fei

US ARmy Ranger vs US Marine Corp force recon

Swiss Pikemen vs Assyrian Calvarymen

FBI vs New Scotland Yard

Belesarius vs Qin Shi Huang

Poncho Villa Mexican revolution army vs Confedarcy Army

Russian Cossack vs Ancient Israeli Soldier

Chinese Communist Revolution vs Spanish Facist Revolution

Incan Warrior vs Ancient Egyptian Soldier

US Secret Service vs Vatican Swiss Guard

Hannibal of Carthage vs Ashoka of India

British SAS vs Kopassus


So please give me some feed back about this and if it's positive i'll continue with more info on these matchups.

thank you for reading