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All Access Weekly: Katie Linendoll's New Tech Crushes

by Katie Linendoll   March 29, 2012 at 10:00AM  |  Views: 1,500

Hey! Katie Linendoll here. As you all know, we have a segment on All Access Weekly called "Tech Crush" where I share with you the gadgets I am geeking out over. With that said, here are some of my Tech Crushes this week!

And be sure to tune in to All Access Weekly Thursday at midnight on Spike!

Air Strike Catapult

All Access Weekly: Katie Linendoll's Tech Crushes Air Strike Catapult

The epitome of office-gag fun: launching spiky foam balls at your coworkers. Enough said.

$14.99, thinkgeek.com

R2D2 – Lego Collectors Edition

R2d2 All Access Weekly

As nerdy as it is sweet-looking. This 2127-piece, 12" tall R2-D2 comes complete with a turning head, retractable third leg and fold-out tools.

May 2012

Interactive 8bit Question Block Lamp

All Access Weekly: Katie Linendoll's Tech Crushes Gamer Food Question Block

A tiny cube of retro-gaming happiness. Modeled after the question block from the original Mario Brothers, the lamp lights up when you punch it from the bottom. If only a super leaf fell out.

$75, lootiful.com

Canvas Pop Facebook Photos

All Access Weekly: Katie Linendoll's Tech Crushes Facebook Screen

New to the market! Got a Facebook photo of your own or maybe one on a loved one's account? Canvas Pop can blow up the photo to canvas size. It utilizes special software for low-res pics, and you can also access all the friends' Facebook pics that you're tagged in.

$30 - $200, canvaspop.com

Swann Digital Doorbell

All Access Weekly: Katie Linendoll's Tech Crushes Swan

Who wants an old-school ding-dong-style doorbell? No one does. Use the Swann Digital Doorbell to customize yours with any sound you want, from "Livin' on a Prayer" to a Celine Dion power-ballad.

$50, bhphotovideo.com

Gamer Food Snax

All Access Weekly: Katie Linendoll's Tech Crushes Gamer Food

When I was in college, LAN parties were the cool thing to go to. If only I'd had these. Infused with Ginseng, Caffeine and Taurine, they'll keep you sharp. And you'll never have to go AFK again.

$3.99-$5.99, thinkgeek.com

Firestix Light Up Drumsticks

All Access Weekly: Katie Linendoll's Tech Crushes Firestix Light Up Drumsticks

These made the perfect gift for my drummer Dad. They light up upon impact, adding a dash of geektastic production value to your solos. I got one in every color.

$17, Amazon.com

If you can't wait to watch All Access Weekly at midnight on Thursday, here's a sneak peek of me interviewing comic book legend Joe Kelly.

Joe Kelly Extended Interview
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