Round 2 Match 1: Rajput vs Vlad the Impaler

November 18, 2010

The Vanguard of Ancient India fights the Vanguard of Ancient Europe!



Short Range- Katar

Mid Range- Khanda

Long Range- Chakram

Special- Aara

Armor- Plated Chainmail, Small Shield, Iron Helmet

Tactics- Footwork, Martial Arts

Vlad The Impaler:

Short Range- Kilij

Mid Range- Halberd

Long Range- Steel Crossbow

Special- Hand Cannon

Armor- Plated Chainmail, Large Shield, Iron Helmet

Tactics- Intimidation, Mercilessness


Short Range- Kilij vs Katar

Edge- Even

Tough one, because looking at just the Weapons, the Kilij has the edge easily. However, the Kilij is a slashing weapon, which won't do anything to the Rajputs Plated Chainmail. It can, however, lop off the Rajputs head or limbs with ease, and has the Superior range. The reasons it doesn't get the edge, is because the Katar can be dual-weilded, has defensive capabilities, and is a stabbing weapon, which will go through the unplated sections of Vlad's chainmail. Dual wielding isn't something the Rajput would do if he still had his shield, but in the case he does lose his shield, he has the option to make both hands deadly stabbing tools. The gauntlets on the Katar could also block the Kilij, however because the blade is curved it can graze the gauntlets and continue on towards the neck. Because these weapons are both so deadly and hhve various ways of counter-acting each others abilities, they both get the Edge.

Mid Range- Halberd vs Khanda

Edge- Halberd

The Khanda is one hell of a sword, and definitly has the power to lop heads, but unfortunately, just  like the Kilij, it is a Slashing weapon. Mind you, because this blade is straight, it will have considerably more blunt force than the Kilij, but when comparing it to the Halberd, it doesnt match up. The Halberd has superior range, and the ability to stab through the Rajput's chainmail. It also has two other sides to slash and hook the Rajput's unarmored parts, so if the Rajput dodges to either side, he's still in considerable danger. Because of this, Vlad gets the Edge in Mid range weapons.

Long Range- Chakram vs Steel Crossbow

Edge- Chakram

The Steel Crossbow has superior Range, and can pierce though the Rajput's unplated areas, but the reload time is unbelievable. Vlad can get one shot off before the Rajput is within range to start whipping Chakra at his head. The Chakram is limited, however, by Vlads armor. There is no way it is doing anything to his plated chainmail. Likily for the Rajput, he can carry alot of them into battle with him without feeling weighed down, so he has a good chance of getting at Vlads neck or limbs at least once. That gives the Rajput the Edge in Long range weapons.

Special Weapons- Aara vs Hand Cannon

Edge- Hand Cannon

The Aara is a horrible weapon, and I don't care how much it was or wasn't actually used in combat, it's staying in the Rajput's arsenal. It has the tiny possiblity of cutting Vlads neck enough to kill him, but that is it for that weapon, besides some long range slapping. The Hand Cannon on the other hand, is a very deadly weapon, with the ability to accurately fire large caliber balls from a distance. The downside is that he gets one shot and that's it, but he can always turn it around and knock some heads with its war spike, and that gives Vlad the Edge in Special Weapons.

Armor- Both have Plated Chainmail and an Iron Helmet, Rajput has Small shield while Vlad has large shield

Edge- Even

Surprised? Don't be. They both have pretty much the same worn armor, the only difference is the size of their shields. Vlad does have the larger shield, but the Rajput's footwork means he will be able to use his shield effectively while getting around Vlad's shield. This however, doesn't give the Rajput the edge because size does matter, no matter what she says to you. He will be able to stay behind his shield much better than the Rajput, even if his footwork isn't as good as the Rajput's. Because of their similarities, they both get the edge... again.

Tactics- Footwork and Martial Arts vs Intimidation and Mercilessness

Edge- Rajput

The Rajput used great footwork with his weapons, so he could dodge attacks while simutaniously setting you up for a death blow. He also knew Martial Arts, meaning he is still deadly, even while weaponless. Vlad's strategy revloved around much more gruesome methods of demoralizing his enemies, such as setting up a forest of impaled corpses. Because of this, he also shows how he had about no compassion for human life, so killing would be second nature to him. Vlad's tactics do tend to lean more towards an army vs army scale though, while the Rajput's are perfect for one on one fighting, so he gets the Edge in Tactics.


A Rajput is walking through a field, on his way to warn his comrades about a large army on the way. He heard it was led by a crazy, bloodthirsty demon, and they had just beaten the Ottoman Empire to a pulp while expanding their empire. India was next, and he was part of it's first defense against this terrifying force. He stopped to set up camp for the night so he could eat and get some rest.

While his armies slept, Vlad crept through the pitch black forest, hoping to find out where an enemy encampment was so he could bring his army early in the morning, to decimate it. He tried to be quiet so he wouldn't disturb any predatorial animals. He heard a noise on the other side of some fallen boulders, and stopped moving. He took out his Steel Crossbow and crept over the rocks to find a man sitting by a fire, roasting some meat. He took aim and fired.

The Rajput was just about ready to eat, when a crossbow bolt riquocheted off of his helmet. He got up and looked behind him to see the demon standing on rocks behind him. He quickly ran over and grabbed his shield and weapons. He then moved up the hill to face Vlad head on. Vlad took his Kilij out and readied his shield.

The Rajput got within 20 feet of Vlad when he threw two Chakra at Vlads neck. They bounced off of Vlads shield though, surprising Vlad, as he didn't see anything. Vlad charged towards the Rajput, shield first. The Rajput waited until he was about to swing at him, then stepped to the side and spun around him, taking a hard slash at Vlad's back. The blow knocked Vlad forward, and made him drop his shield. He turned around and swung his Kilij at the Rajput, which merely grazed across the plated chainmail. The Rajput swung his Khanda at Vlads neck, but Vlad blocked it with his Kilij. Vlad took a two handed swing directly at the Rajputs shield arm, who had to drop his shield to get out of the way in time.

Vlad swung his sword back around at the Rajput, who blocked it with his Khanda. The Rajput then spun around and took a two handed swing at Vlad, who tried to block it with his Kilij. The Khanda knocked Vlads Kilij from his hands, and began his killing swing, when Vlad charged at the Rajput and tackled him. Vlad punched the Rajput, who elbowed Vlad in the chin and rolled away. He took out his Aara and smacked Vlad across the back while he was getting back up. This did nothing, and Vlad took out his Halberd.

He stabbed at the Rajput, who sidestepped out of the way. As Vlad came back around, the Rajput pumped back and whipped his Aara at the swinging polearm. It wrapped aroung the Halberd, and the Rajput pulled the weapon away from Vlad. He swing his Aara around and hit Vlad across the face, cutting him slightly. Realizing that his Aara wasn't going to finish him, the Rajput took out his Katar and ran at Vlad.

Vlad ran back and grabbed his shield, but the Rajput immidiately knocked it away and jumped ontop of Vlad. He stabbed Vlad in the stomach, but it bounced off of Vlad's plated chainmail. Vlad kicked the Rajput back and took out his hand cannon. He tried to light it, but the powder spilled out when the Rajput knocked Vlad back. The Rajput ran back over to Vlad and stabbed him through the face, finally killing the demon, and halting the advance of the Wallachian armies into India.

Winner: Rajput

Ending Assessment:

The Rajput's footwork, speed, and higher level of skill just barely gave him the win over Vlad.

Final Results

Rajput- 502 Kills

Katar- 207 Kills

Khanda- 224 Kills

Chakram- 72 Kills

Aara- 1 Kill

Best Weapon- The Rajput's Khanda was able to hack through Vlad 224 times

Worst Weapon- His Aara got one kill.

Vlad the Impaler- 498 Kills

Kilij- 167 Kills

Halberd- 234 Kills

Steel Crossbow- 7 Kills

Hand Cannon- 90 Kills

Best Weapon- His Halberd beat all of the other weapons, with 234 kills

Worst weapon- His Steel crossbow got a measly 7 Kills