Mantenna - Tuesday, May 26

May 20, 2009

T.I. begins his prison sentence, Mel Gibson transforms into Octo-Mel, and Twitter TV just might be coming to a small screen near's the Mantenna!

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Mel Gibson: Call me Octo-Mel

Mel Gibson appeared on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno last night and confirmed that he and his Russian lover Oksana Grigorieva are a couple and that she is expecting his child. Leno then joked that this must be child number 29 for Gibson, to which Gibson shot back, "Well, actually eight. I guess I'm Octo-Mel." In a frank and awkward interview, a sad looking Gibson took full responsibility for his marriage breakdown saying, “When it's all said and done, I did a pretty good hatchet job on my marriage myself. I'm to blame. If you're inclined to judge, put it here." Gibson said that he and Robyn, his estranged wife of 28 years, are friends. [Celebuzz]

How French Celebrities Change at the Beach

Charlotte Gainsbourg was recently awarded the Best Actress award at the Cannes Film Festival. The sexy French actress portrayed a psychotic woman who tortures her husband and mutilates herself in Lars von Trier’s Antichrist. This weekend she hit the beach to celebrate and soak up some rays. When it came time to change out of her bikini, the actress simply got naked…on the beach… in broad daylight… in public.  The French really have no shame! [Egotastic]

Flight of the Navigator is Getting Remade

For all you children of the ‘80s who loved Flight of the Navigator (one of the few kid’s movies that Disney didn’t mess up in the ‘80s), you will be either overjoyed or totally bummed to hear that Disney is remaking the movie. At this point there’s no director attached to the project, but if McG isn’t screwing up any other franchises at the moment maybe he can come on board. Brad Copeland, the writer of Wild Hogs, is penning the script and John Hyde is executive producing, like he did for the original that came out in 1986. It would be pretty wild if they managed to get Joey Cramer (he played David, the navigator) to fit in somewhere…maybe he could be the evil NASA scientist. It would be even wilder if they got Paul Reubens to be the voice of Max again. But, more likely than not, this remake will go down like Race to Witch Mountain: badly. [First Showing]

40 People Wearing T-Shirts They Shouldn't Be Wearing

Whether it's unbridled enthusiasm or just plain irony, there's nothing quite like seeing a fat guy wearing an "Ask Me About My Diet" t-shirt. With that in mind, the good folks over at Manofest have compiled a big gallery of folks wearing clothing that should've been checked by a copy writer...or at the very least, someone with at least half a brain cell. [Manofest]

T.I. Begins Prison Sentence


Source: Rick Diamond/Getty Images

T.I. turned himself in today at an Arkansas federal prison, where he will begin serving a 366-day sentence stemming from his 2007 arrest for attempting to illegally attempting to purchase firearms in Atlanta. According to several reports, T.I. is now in custody at the low-security wing of the Forrest City Federal Correctional Complex, where he will circulate with the rest of the inmates without preferential treatment. [MTV]

Meg White Got Married in Jack White's Backyard

According to a statement on the White Stripes' website, Meg White married Jackson Smith, the son of Patti Smith and the late MC5 frontman Fred "Sonic" Smith, on May 22nd. The two were married in Jack White's Nashville backyard. "A small party of close friends and relatives" attended. [Pitchfork]

Are You Ready for Twitter TV?

How's this for a tweet? Twitter is coming to a television near you. The social-networking and micro-blogging service is developing the first TV series that incorporates Twitter into the action of the show. Created by novelist Amy Ephron, sister of Nora and Delia Ephron, the untitled show will feature ordinary people competing while on the trail of celebrities. Just what internet stalkers need: more airtime. [Yahoo]

Cars Officially Banned from Times Square in NYC

The crossroads of North America is about to become a lot more pedestrian-friendly. New York City's Times Square is reportedly getting a makeover to make it car-free. According to an Associated Press report, portions of Broadway from 42nd Street up to 47th and from 33rd to 35th are being closed to cars to cut down on pollution, traffic, and pedestrian accidents. To kick off the new arrangement, NYC has planned something of a block party in the Square, where they'll play a movie on a giant screen and street performers will entertain the crowds. They're even going to set out beach chairs so folks can cop a squat and soak it all in. [AP]

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