Get A Sneak Peek at an All-New Auction Hunters Episode

by MHofstatter   June 20, 2011 at 9:00PM  |  Views: 2,171
You wanted more Auction Hunters, you GOT more Auction Hunters! Ton Jones and Allen Haff just couldn't stay away, and we've got the sneak preview of their all-new adventure to prove it. Tune in Tuesday, July 19 at 10/9c for the new episode.

What's in store for Ton and Allen this time around? How about finding a 1990s Tomahawk cruise missle? Or maybe you prefer a French Dolne "Apache" knuckle-duster revolver? What about a 1970s Z-Flex Jimmy Plummer Poolrider skateboard? Remember, its never a dull moment when you're with the Auction Hunters!

Be sure to tune in on Sunday, July 17 and then turn the TV back on for an all-new storage hunting episode on Tuesday, July 19 at 10/9c at its regular night and time. As always follow Auction Hunters on Facebook and catch up on all your favorite episodes at