Get A Sneak Peek at an All-New Auction Hunters Episode

June 20, 2011
You wanted more Auction Hunters, you GOT more Auction Hunters! Ton Jones and Allen Haff just couldn't stay away, and we've got the sneak preview of their all-new adventure to prove it. Tune in Tuesday, July 19 at 10/9c for the new episode.

What's in store for Ton and Allen this time around? How about finding a 1990s Tomahawk cruise missle? Or maybe you prefer a French Dolne "Apache" knuckle-duster revolver? What about a 1970s Z-Flex Jimmy Plummer Poolrider skateboard? Remember, its never a dull moment when you're with the Auction Hunters!

Be sure to tune in on Sunday, July 17 and then turn the TV back on for an all-new storage hunting episode on Tuesday, July 19 at 10/9c at its regular night and time. As always follow Auction Hunters on Facebook and catch up on all your favorite episodes at