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January 27, 2011

Charlie Sheen’s partying ends in hospitalization, director Peter Jackson recovers from surgery, and a new plant is developed to detect bombs...the Mantenna is not a crook!

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Charlie Sheen’s Partying Ends in Hospitalization

Charlie Sheen’s hard partying ways has resulted in the actor being rushed to hospital. The Two and a Half Men star was in the midway through a “marathon party,” that had reportedly been going for 36 hours, when he started to feel intense abdominal pains. He was rushed to a Los Angeles hospital where he is currently awaiting test results. According to TMZ, one person at the hospital said, “It’s serious.” The 45-year-old actor was apparently partying with five women, which included two adult film stars. Luckily for Sheen, Two and a Half Men is on hiatus this week. [TMZ]

Miley Cyrus is a Bad Influence

Disney star turned vampy pop singer Miley Cyrus has topped this year's Worst Celebrity Influence of 2010. The 18-year-old amassed a staggering 58 percent of the vote. To put it in perspective, Cyrus beat out Lindsay Lohan (who went to jail twice last year), Teen Mom star Amber Portwood (also in some legal strife), and fellow Disney star Demi Lovato (who went to rehab). This is the second year in a row Cyrus has taken home the unwanted title. Here’s hoping she’ll be less of “bad influence” in 2011. [NY Daily News]

Director Peter Jackson Recovering From Surgery

Photo: Chelsea Lauren/Getty Images

Director Peter Jackson was admitted to a hospital late last night in Wellington, New Zealand where he apparently had surgery for a perforated ulcer. A rep for New Line Cinema stated that Jackson is resting following the procedure and he is expected to make a full recovery. The surgery is reportedly only expected to slightly delay the start of shooting on The Hobbit. The first installment of The Hobbit is set to hit theaters in December 2012 and the second part is due in out December 2013. Get well soon, Pete! [MTV]

Plant Developed to Detect Bombs

Airport security gates may soon be a replaced with gardens thanks to the discovery of a plant that can detect bombs. Scientists at the University of Colorado have developed a special type of plant that changes color when in the presence of certain chemicals. The detection works because the “receptor proteins in plant DNA respond naturally to threatening stimuli by releasing chemicals called terpenoids to thicken the leaf cuticle, thereby changing its color”. Professor Medford, a biologist at the University of Colorado said, “Plants can’t run or hide from threats, so they’ve developed sophisticated systems to detect and respond to their environment.” The plant's detection capabilities are said to be equal to or better than those of bomb sniffing dogs. [Wired]

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