Hun vs Viking

October 7, 2010

Begginning Assessment: Attila's savage killers of Asia that grew the fearsome Hunnic Empire. Europe's early berserkers that also savaged the world. Who. Is. DEADLIEST?


Short Range: Sword of Mars.

Medium Range: Scythian Axe.

Long Range: Bow & Arrow.

Special: Lasso.

Armor: Leather Lamellar.


Short Range: Longsword.

Medium Range: Great Axe.

Long Range: Double Spears.

Special: Shield.

Armor: Chainmail.


Sword of Mars vs Longsword. Edge = Even.

Both swords are very similar in length and shape, and are pretty great at killing the other despite their armor.

Scythian vs Great. Edge = Great Axe.

Easy enough, the Great Axe is GREAT, and the Scythian Axe, even though is double sided, is much shorter.

Bow & Arrow vs Spears. Edge = Bow & Arrow.

The arrows are shot at much farther length and are much more accurate. This will easily kill the Viking at any length he is.

Lasso vs Shield. Edge = Shield.

I would pick the Viking Shield because with the Lasso, it's going to be hard to get past it, and even more difficult to pull it away. And the Shield can push back with the metal boss and use it as an offensive weapon.

Leather vs Chainmail. Edge = Chainmail.

The reason I give the Chainmail an edge is because he has better protection that completely stops the sword, where the leather might fail from a strong enough swing.


A Viking is seen walking throughout a village that he is soon to conquer by himself. He keeps walking on, looking for any people that need a lesson or two tought to them, the Viking way. He eventually comes to a corner, and immediately hears a whistling noise. He looks up into the air and sees an arrow flying at him from the sky. He pulls up his shield at the last second and looks before him and sees a man readying another arrow on his bow while he was sitting on his horse. He shoots the other arrow, but lands on the shield again.

The Viking ran closer and threw one of his spears and just barely missed the Hun. The Hun pulls out a sword and commands the horse toward the Viking. He hit him straight on in the chest, but nothing happened. He realized he had hit chainmail and continues on. The Viking throws his second spear that just barely gashed the back of the Hun and lodged into the ground. The Hun screams from the pain but takes out a lasso, and was very difficultly to get around the Viking. It captured the arm about to reach his longsword.

As the Viking is being dragged from the arm he was finally able to grab the trunk of a large tree, and stop the Hun and horse in its tracks. He was finally able to pull out his sword and cut his arm free. He runs to the horse and was able to slash at its back end and falls down, dropping the Hun.

The Hun quickly rolled out of the way and pulls out his axe. The sword of the Viking slashed at the Hun's armor, barely broke through and created a large laceration cut on his shoulder. He comes back with the axe an the tip of it stabbed into the side of the Viking and roared in pain. He slashed again with his sword, which did the same as earlier, and ran back to a large tree. From behind it he grabbed an axe, much larger then the Hun's and ran toward him.

The great axe soonly battled the scythian, which stood no chance, and the Hun pulled out his sword of mars again. He slashed at the armor again, which nicked a few rings but didn't really harm. The Viking brought down the axe and slashed into the thigh of the Hun. He screams with the horrible pain cutting through the ligaments and bone. The axe was pulles out, and dropped on to the crown of the Hun, cutting it straight in half. The Viking pulled out the blood dressed, brain splattered axe, raises it in the air, and roars in victory. He walks away from the scene and heads back to Scandinavia.

Viking: 518.

Longsword: 153.

Great Axe: 208.

Double Spears: 68.

Shield: 89.

Hun: 482.

Sword of Mars: 126.

Scythian Axe: 85.

Bow & Arrow: 218.

Lasso: 53.

Ending Assessment: This was razor thin close but the Viking had more killer weapons added with brute force made a battle ready warrior that killed the Hun.

Best Weapon: Suprisingly, the Hunnic Bow killed more times then the Great Axe, scoring 218 kills.

Worst Weapon: The Lasso only gained 53 kills to the murderous Viking.